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Chess for Young Beginners (from 4 years old)

Our chess classes for young beginners introduce children to the world of chess through story telling, games and interactive activities. Children learn piece names, movement and capture, as well as basic chess strategies.  Equally important, children learn such critical skills as patience, persistence, logic and reasoning skills. 

Chess Beginners Level

This course is designed to teach chess to children who have no or very limited prior knowledge of the game. Students are introduced to the basic history of chess and learn piece name, movement, and capture, as well as board notation and setup.  The concepts of check, checkmate, and stalemate and castling (all aspects) will follow.  Finally, they will briefly learn central control and development and two checkmates. Classes for younger students are taught in an interactive and playful form. Students use chess equipment in each class. Part of the class is board demonstrations and part practical interaction. In addition to practical learning, children are introduced to the basic principals of chess, as well as begin exploring new avenues of critical thinking.


At the end of this course, your child will:

  • Increase and improve analytical thinking skills

  • Improve problem solving techniques and decision making skills

  • Increase patience and persistence

  • Improve logic and reasoning skills

  • Increase self confidence 

It is a well-known fact that chess develops intelligence.  And what is intelligence if not the ability to solve problems? In our chess classes, children learn to play the game and discover that the techniques used to analyze chess situations can also be used, sometimes quite creatively, to grapple with puzzling questions in school and real life. Step by step, children learn various strategic and tactical moves in chess. Students in intermediate and advanced groups learn various combinations featuring queen sacrifices, double attacks, discovered checks, and many other useful tactical elements, such as quiet moves that eliminate the opponent's potential flight squares. Studying games of world champions, as well as games of today's strongest grandmasters, is an indispensable part of our classes. Theoretical knowledge is supported with games in class against each other and the instructor. 

Chess can help:

  •   Raise intelligence quotient (IQ) scores

  •   Foster critical, creative, and original thinking

  •   Demonstrate the importance of concentration and self-discipline

  •   Improve problem solving skills

  •   Challenge gifted children

  •   Enhance social skills, raise self-esteem, overcome the fear of risk-taking

  •   Improve reading, memory, and math skills

AlphaMinds Academy is a registered chess club with the United States Chess Federation.

AlphaMinds Academy Chess Program
Chess Intermediate Level

This course is great for kids who have some to complete understanding of the rules of the game and are looking to maintain an enthusiastic awareness of this multidimensional endeavor that can be carried with then for life! Students will be taught more advanced moves and combinations as well as the principles of tactics and strategy. Students learn some of the finer points of chess and begin to prepare for tournament play.

Chess Advanced/Tournament Level

Our Advanced/Tournament level classes are perfect for children who know all the rules and have already had an introduction to theoretical chessconcepts and have had at least minimum exposure to tactics training. The students will be instructed in advanced chess strategy and planning. They will also study the "immortal" games of world champions, as well as games of today's strongest grandmasters.

(offered online until further notice):
Weekday Classes
April 6th - June 15th
Saturday & Sunday Classes
April 11th - June 14th


We have suspended all in-person classes until further notice.

We have transitioned all our classes onto a distance learning platform.

Stay home, stay healthy!

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