Fall 2020 In-Person Classes  (Phase I)

We are happy to announce that our Phase I re-opening for our in-person classes is now scheduled for October 17th. For Phase I  we will be offering a limited number of classes primarily for our youngest students (2.5 yo - 6 yo)

We are carefully monitoring the Covid-19 situation and are following the state and local guidelines, as well as the safety precautions established by the administration of the Boys & Girls Club where our Saturday classes take place, which are:

1. Parents are currently NOT allowed inside the B&G Club at any time (children would have to be dropped off with one of our staff at the entrance and will be escorted to the classrooms; children will then be dismissed at the end of the class outside the entrance to the parents). 

2. Every child entering the B&G Club will have their temperature taken at the entrance

3. Masks must be worn by everyone (3 yo and older) inside the B&G Club at all times

4. Class size is limited 

5. Children cannot switch classrooms between different classes; therefore, we able to offer only certain multi-class combos for those interested in enrolling their child for more than one class; please include into your registration email all the classes you are interested in and we will respond with the options available.

Please refer to the schedule below for our in-person classes.  

For Russian school in-person classes, please click here.

Location: Boys and Girls Club, 225 MorrisBlvd Jersey City, NJ 07030

To register for these classes, please email us at info@alphamindsacademy.com

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Saturday Classes (In-Person) - Phase I


Russian School Saturday Classes (In-Person) - Phase I