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Hoboken Classes at The Hudson School:

Chess Beginners (Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30) - Tamar Chanadiri

Chess Intermediate (Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30) - Lamel McBryde

Coding with Scratch (Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30)

Logic PreK I (Mondays, 4:30-5:30) - Tanya Sapronov

Logic PreK II (Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30) - Jessica Jauregui

Math II (Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 ) - Elisabeth Strand

Jersey City Classes at The Boys & Girls Club (Saturday Program):

Chess Beginners A - Arrik Leman

Chess Beginners B - Anthony Kozikowski /Arrik Leman

Chess Beginners II / Intermediate IA - Alan Stolyarov 

Chess Beginners II/Intermediate I A - Alan Stolyarov

Chess Intermediate I B - Lamel McBryde/ Alan Stolyarov

Chess Intermediate II / Advanced A - Arrik Leman

Chess Intermediate II / Advanced B - Lamel McBryde

Chess Tournament Level  - Anthony Kozikowski

Coding Masters (HTML, CSS, Java, etc) - George Gawargi

Logic PreK (Level I)  - Diana Sher

Logic PreK (Level I/Rus) - Diana Sher

Logic PreK-K (Level II) - Diana Sher

Logic PreK-K (Level II/Rus) - Diana Sher

Logic PreK-K II - Diana Sher

Logic PreK-K II (RUS) - Diana Sher

Math IA - Matthew Rydell

Math IB - Matthew Rydell

Math IIA - Matthew Rydell


Math IIB - Matthew Rydell


Math III - Diana Golubeva


Math IV - Matthew Rydell


Math MS I - Diana Golubeva


Math MS II - Diana Golubeva


Math V - Diana Golubeva


Python Beginners - Julia Martin


Python Intermediate - Julia Martin


Russian I A (Emerging Readers)  - Ekaterina Kalmanson


Russian I B (Emerging Readers)  - Oksana Zaish


Russian I-SL (Emerging Readers)  - Oksana Zaish


Russian I-SL (Second Language) - Oksana Zaishla


Russian IA (Emerging Readers)  - Ekaterina Kalmanson


Russian IB (Emerging Readers)  - Oksana Zaishla


Russian II A (Young Readers) - Tatiana Petrova


Russian II B (Young Readers) - Ekaterina Kalmanson


Russian III A - Tatiana Petrova


Russian III B - Tatiana Petrova


Russian IV - Tatiana Petrova


Russian Lang + Literature II


Russian PreK I (Young Pre-Schoolers) - Svetlana Podmogilnaya


Russian PreK II  - Oksana Zaishla


Russian Second Language - Marina Shiyanova


Russian Sing Along & Drama I - Svetlana Artemyeva


Russian Sing Along & Drama II - Svetlana Artemyeva


Russian V - Ekaterina Kalmanson


Russian VI (Explorers II) - Ekaterina Kalmanson


Scratch Beginners - Diana Golubeva


Scratch Intermediate - George Gawargi


World Around Us (Мир Вокруг Нас) - Diana Sher

June 22 - July 24
July 26 - August 28


We have suspended all in-person classes until further notice.

We have transitioned all our classes onto a distance learning platform.

Stay home, stay healthy!

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