Classes for Pre-K and K Students (3-5 y.o.)

Our chess classes at AlphaMinds Academy offer children of all ages and levels a welcoming and friendly environment where children can learn to play chess, continue practicing and improving their skills and meet other children who are passionate about the game.  Our program is designed to take children from beginner to tournament level and guide them through the competitive process of becoming a USCF rated chess player.

Our Chess Classes for Young Beginners (from 4 years old) introduce children to the world of chess through story telling, games and interactive activities. Children learn piece names, movement and capture, as well as basic chess strategies.  Equally important, children learn such critical skills as patience, persistence, logic and reasoning skills. 

To learn more about our Chess Program and to view the description for each level, please click here.

Logic PreK (Level I) and PreK-K (Level II)

At AlphaMinds Academy, we believe that logic is fundamental. It's fundamental to mathematics, science, reasoning, cognitive thinking and so much more. Traditionally, logic is not taught in a classroom setting, but at AlphaMinds Academy we've taken the ideas and concepts of logic and transformed them into a fun and exciting

class which will engage the children and get them excited about learning. Research has shown that children who are encouraged to

understand the process of thinking (i.e. logic) tend to be inquisitive, creative, confident, compassionate, and communicative. Our Logic classes for children 3-5 years old aims to help young children develop their thought process, reasoning and critical

 thinking skills, which will guide them throughout their formative years.  These classes covers topics found in  the ERB, the OLSAT® (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test®) and the NNAT-2® (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test) as well as introducing  children to basic arithmetics. Our Logic PreK-K class covers Singapore Math Kindergarten curriculum and is recommended to PreK 4 students who completed our Logic PreK I level, and to the Kindergarten students who are new to our program. Placement in the higher level classes for newly enrolled students (i.e. K student into Math I class) is by assessment only.   Please contact us for more details...

To view the description for each level, please click here

Reading (Gr. PreK-K)

This class is designed fro children who are starting or currently attend Kindergarten and for children in other grades with reading levels D and below.  This class will focus on the strengthening of phonemic awareness skills through sound and word discrimination, blending, phoneme deletion and manipulation; as well as identifying and reading DOLCH sight words. This class is taught in a very interactive and engaging way, by integrating various media, games and songs, as well as other activities designed to keep young students' focus and interest.  

This class is conducted in a small group setting (up to 6 children) led by a certified elementary school teacher who specializes in teaching early literacy classes.

Art Exploration - currently not being offered

This class is designed to provide children ages 3-5 years old with an inviting, creative setting where they will be free to engage in the process of discovering color, paint, markers, oil pastel, crayons and clay. They will gain confidence in self-expression and artistic exploration through a hands-on experience. By experimenting with different art media and exploring new art techniques, children develop creativity, fine motor skills and hand – eye coordination. This class is introduced to the children in a playful and energetic way and is led by an artist who knows and loves how preschoolers process creative ideas.

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