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Registration for PrimaryPrep Students

Classes take place in PrimaryPrep school.


Coding with Scratch IA - Beginners (grades 2-6) - this class is postponed until the next session
Thursdays, 4-5 pm | 12 classes | 01/16-04/02  | $300
Coding with Scratch IB - Beginners Level II (grades 2-6)
Thursdays, 3-4 pm | 112 classes | 01/16-04/02  | $300
*This class is for students who took our Scratch  classes during Fall 2019 session and for students with some prior coding with Scratch experience. 
Chess Beginners (grades K-6)
Fridays, 3-4 pm | 10 classes | ​01/17-04/03 (no classes 02/14, 03/13)  | $250
Chess Beginners II*  (grades K-6)
Fridays, 3-4 pm | 10 classes | ​01/17-04/03 (no classes 02/14, 03/13)  | $250
*This class is for students who took our Chess for Beginners class during Fall 2019 session
Chess Intermediate/Advanced* (all grades)
Fridays, 3-4 pm | 10 classes | ​01/17-04/03 (no classes 02/14, 03/13)  | $250
*This class is for students who took our Chess Intermediate and Advanced class during Fall 2019 or  last school year and for students with  prior Chess experience.
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CODING with SCRATCH Classes Description:
These classes are built around Scratch, a project of the MIT Media Lab, which is a simple yet powerful programming language developed at MIT that uses color-coded blocks that appeal to young students.  Scratch is the most popular language for young programmers, with about seven million users around the world.
Scratch Level I (Beginners): In this class, students ease into object-oriented programming concepts with Scratch , creating stories and interactive adventures with stackable code blocks!  Students master the intuitive user interface of Scratch and learn the functions of the most important blocks, which beneath their friendly appearance represent important computer programming functions.

Ease into object-oriented programming concepts with Scratch (a project of the MIT Media Lab), creating stories and interactive adventures with stackable code blocks!  Students master the intuitive user interface of Scratch and learn the functions of the most important blocks, which beneath their friendly appearance represent important computer programming functions.   Kids think creatively and learn how to program their own stories, games, and animations, as well as how to share their creations on the web.   

Scratch Level II (Intermediate): After an introductory course in Scratch, students should feel comfortable with the basic blocks and the ability to visualize their game progress from the initial concept to its final product. This level is meant to introduce the use of lists and custom blocks into the games as they become more complex and exciting. Also, many of the projects focus on more real-world topics and functions and tend to involve more math and logic. Some of the projects even allow the students to work with less direct instruction which encourages more problem solving and critical thinking. We are beginning to dive into the world of a programming with real-world applications with allowance for artistic freedom in their game design.

Please note: each student must bring his/her own laptop to each class. 


Our chess classes at AlphaMinds Academy offer children of all ages and levels a welcoming and friendly environment where children can learn to play chess, continue practicing and improving their skills and meet other children who are passionate about the game.  Our program is designed to take children from beginner to tournament level and guide them through the competitive process of becoming a USCF rated chess player. AlphaMinds Academy is a registered chess club with the United States Chess Federation.

Chess - Beginners Level

This course is designed to teach chess to children who have none or limited prior knowledge of the game. Students are introduced to the basic history of chess and learn pieces names, value,movement, and capture, good trades vs. bad trades, as well as board notation and setup.  The concepts of check, checkmate, stalemate and castling will follow.  Finally, they will briefly learn central control and development, and two checkmates. Classes for younger students are taught in an interactive and playful form. Students use chess equipment in each class. Part of the class is board demonstrations and part practical interaction. 

Chess - Intermediate/Advanced Level

This level is great for kids who have solid to complete understanding of the rules of the game and are ready for the next challenge. This class reviews the pieces and their movements, but goes into further detail on their values (depending on a given position, situation, etc.). It covers check and checkmate, introduces en passant, explains the rules of stalemates and draws, introduces tactics, and includes a small amount of theory surrounding openings, middle, and endgames.  Following that, chess notation is introduced and covered, with the aim of having children write down all the moves of their games properly. Opening, middle, and endgame theory is covered, including advanced tactics and further insights into sound overall principles of chess strategy. We will also study the "immortal" games of world champions, as well as games of today's strongest grandmasters.



Dates: tbd - please send an email to info@alphamindsacademy.com if you are interested in this class.

Our Russian classes for PreK/K students are designed to facilitate the age appropriate development of language, logic, memory, speech and fine motor skills in our youngest students.

Through our interactive educational approach and theme-based lessons, we strive to enhance the child's early development, increase their Russian vocabulary and improve their conversation skills in the Russian. Children learn the Russian alphabet, and are introduced to the basic concepts of reading and writing in Russian.  Our classes consist of 10-minute segments in order to ensure that the children are always interested and eager to participate in a new activity. We step with your child into the new exciting world of knowledge, which he/she will use in the years to come.

(offered online until further notice):
Weekday Classes
April 6th - June 15th
Saturday & Sunday Classes
April 11th - June 14th


We have suspended all in-person classes until further notice.

We have transitioned all our classes onto a distance learning platform.

Stay home, stay healthy!

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