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Alan Stolyarov

Alan has played competitive chess for 11 years and has been a teacher for 4 years. He first became interested in the game while playing with his dad. From there, he went on to take lessons and private coaching from several prominent grandmasters, which led to many major tournament victories. Alan's current USCF rating is 1986

Alan’s philosophy is to always leave his students wanting more. Not only does he make sure they learn something instructive in each lesson, but he also helps turn those lessons into wins over the board!

Rilwan Ameen

I have been playing Chess since the age of 11 and have fallen in love with the game ever since.
I was taught the game of Chess and learned how to play for a full year before I was able to participate in my first tournament and the rest is history. The process for me was first learning how to play through my devoted Middle School Teacher introducing the game to my 5th grade class and then through a program called Chess-In-The-Schools which works with select schools throughout New York City bringing chess programs, classes and instructional coaching.
It's now been going on 20 years for me, playing competitively at the Scholastic, Local and National level through tournaments held by the United States Chess Federation. My very first tournament was back in 2001!
My favorite part of my chess journey as a kid was being able to travel to 9 states (Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin and Arizona) outside of New York and New Jersey to compete in Nationals and Regional Tournaments (in addition to helping overcome my fear of flying).

Through this process, I was able to become good enough to be ranked in the United States Chess Federation's (USCF) top 100 for my age group from ages 14-18 achieving a peak USCF rating of 1916 - around 80 points from the National Expert rank (rating above 2000).

Chess has afforded me to meet lifelong friends, have priceless memories and most of all form a hobby I truly love. I look forward to paying it forward and teaching a game that has changed my life for the better to the next generation of Chess players at AlphaMinds Academy!

Lamel McBryde (National Chess Master)

Lamel Mc Bryde is a National Chess Master and has been playing chess for 17 years. He has been teaching chess for the past 9 years and is very passionate about his craft. Learning the game without a coach and not much resources, Lamel still found a way to become one of the top players in NYC. He has won big money prizes in a lot of the biggest chess tournaments on
the chess circuit. In his spare time Lamel likes to go to the gym, play basketball, and play blitz chess with close friends. He believes in the sayings "teamwork makes the dream work", " you can do anything you put your mind to", " it's all about mind over matter"!

Mina Samaan

My name is Mina Samaan, I have been playing chess for many years now. I picked up the game basics and tactics so quickly despite starting to play the game a little late.

It all started when I was in High School back in Egypt. I saw two of my friends playing chess, they were real strong players, just by watching them I picked up how the
pieces could move, I played a trial game with one of them and I lost it! But I decided to challenge my friends after one week, I purchased a book and started studying and after a week I was able to beat them!

In fact, I was able to beat them every game that followed!
In college, where I got my Bachelor degree in Secondary Education, started playing and competing with other strong players at Asyut University Chess Campus and because of showing a good talent, I managed to get qualified for a big chess training program that was run by The City Chess Club to teach and coach chess in schools. Also, I was lucky to get some training with a known Egyptian Chess Master called Mr. Taghian.
I started teaching Chess locally in Egypt as a part of a Regional Chess Championship for students of different ages from 2006 to 2009. I proceeded to train Elementary, Middle and Secondary chess teams for boys and girls citywide and managed to win the championship three years in a row with Middle and Secondary chess teams.

After moving to the United States, I taught chess for several years in different schools between New York and New Jersey, where some of my students played at the Nationals and they achieved great results! The game became a part of me and I enjoy every moment spent in my day in doing something related to chess specially teaching kids the game! That’s why I am happy to be a member of Alpha Minds family!

ELA (Reading and Essay Writing)

Jessica Banjo

Jessica Bajno is a dual certificated Childhood and Special Education teacher. She received a B.S. in Political Science from CUNY Hunter College and a dual Master’s degree in Elementary Education and Literacy from Long Island University/C.W. Post. Jessica has been in education for over ten years working with students from Pre-K to 6th grade in various subject areas.
Her love for reading and writing is what drove her towards the field of education. Helping students unlock their full reading potential is truly her passion. Her goal is to helps her students become fluent readers and writers and to develop essential tools necessary for success.

"The students of AlphaMinds are absolutely incredible! Their grit and desire to learn is inspirational. Every student is prepared, focused, and excited to tackle new tasks, which make our lessons engaging and rewarding!"

Lauren Berger

Writing and teaching are my passions. I'm a professional writer for a digital marketing company, and I have been tutoring students at all levels for more than nine years. My teaching experience ranges from basic grammar lessons to entrance exams to graduate school thesis writing. No matter the topic or assignment, writing can always be fun!
I classify writing as a creative science. My goal is to teach students how to channel their creativity, while following the formulas of writing and grammar. With the notion that if one can think, one can write, I help students articulate their thoughts and insights and turn them into dynamic written words.
I earned my Bachelor of Arts in communication with a concentration in public relations from University of Maryland, College Park.

Mina Samaan

My name is Mina Samaan. I graduated from a regionally accredited college in my home country of Egypt, where I majored in Education and minored in Language Instruction. I have always been passionate about teaching. After immigrating to the United States, I became a certified substitute teacher. That is when I started to work with elementary school students who needed ESL instruction. I loved working with my ESL students very much, so I decided to take another path and started studying ESL to be able to help my students. In my job as a substitute teacher, I enjoy teaching English and Math to elementary school students of all grades. My understanding of student sensitivities and differences, and my ability to bring lessons to life with real world-applications are what enable me to teach them effectively. I am currently in the process of obtaining my Teaching Certification, as I passed three exams and have two more to complete. I also work as an academic intervention instructor for Orange BOE. As a passionate educator who deeply cares about my students, helping my students achieve their full potential and develop a passion for learning is always my top priority.


Diana Sher

I am a teacher by profession and by vocation. I graduated from Moscow State Teachers’ Training University with honors diploma as a teacher of English. My interests include linguistics and culture in general with Russian culture and literature in particular. Since my teen years I have also been fascinated by Japan’s culture and the Japanese language. After having studied Japanese at the Russian Diplomatic Academy, I passed the Japanese Language Proficiency test by Tokyo Department of Education in 2000. Now I speak fluent Japanese as well as read and write it. I have a lot of experience in teaching, translation and interpretation and I hold a certificate of an interpreter from the New York University (NYU) and a TOESL /TOEFL certificate from Bridge Education group.
I love teaching and, especially, I enjoy working with children. Their smiles and happy faces are my real reward. Developing logical thinking is very important, as Logics is the language of mind. My motto is “Learning should be always exciting and fun.” Using creative approach in my lessons, I help kids exploring the world and developing useful skills.

Matthew Rydell

Born and raised in Staten Island, NY, Matthew is a lifetime teacher and learner.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in 1998 and spent the next few years working in the entertainment industry in Manhattan.
His master’s degree in education from CUNY/ College of Staten Island is in Special Education for grades 1-6. .

Since 2005 Matthew has worked as a teacher in several private schools in NYC, as well as the private tutor for high school and college entrance exams. His approach to math education is to keep it fun, engaging and interactive, and focus on clear, precise language. Matthew has a special talent for making complex concepts look simple and for helping children become very fond of math!

Svetlana Margoulis

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from Ben Gurion University, and a Master's in Business Management and Administration.

Even though I am not an educator by education, teaching Mathematics and introducing kids to its exceptional beauty has always been my passion. During my university years, I was highly involved in, and led, multiple educational projects for high schoolers who had challenges in graduating from school. As a mentor, it is very rewarding to realize how my passion and faith in their success contributed to their skills and shaped their futures.

I didn’t stop pursuing my dreams when I landed in the US, and became involved with the RSM school, where I taught advanced math classes to students from K to 9th grade for several years pre-pandemic.

I believe that a teacher’s strength is to recognize every student’s need, and to make everyone’s experience in the classroom enjoyable and productive at the same time.

For teachers, learning also never stops. I am an advocate of constant self-learning and development, and I love using new techniques and new ways of introducing concepts to my students thus making their learning process more efficient and fun.
I am very excited to work with my AlphaMinds math students!

Ivette Garcia

My name is Ivette Garcia and I have been teaching middle school math for the past 5 years. I have a master’s degree in education from Saint Peter’s University. It is my purpose to have the students appreciate math as an approachable subject and not an impossible task.
I am a professional chess player and I have been teaching chess for the past 14 years. Chess has enriched my life at so many levels. It is more than a game, chess has allowed me to grow in many of life's aspects which go beyond the chess board. My experience as a competitive chess player and a chess coach greatly helps me to be a better and more effective math teacher.

Meena Negandhi

My name is Meena Negandhi. I grew up in Calcutta, India. I went to Calcutta University for my bachelors and post graduate degrees in business, economics. Math and statistics (B.Com) and education (B Ed).; continuing with my Masters as I decided to become a teacher after starting a job at The Oral School for Deaf Children. It gave me so much joy to teach that I went back to school to earn a degree in teaching and finish up my masters as I worked towards a career. After spending a couple of years teaching in schools in Calcutta, I moved to the United States and started teaching at a private school in New York City in 2002. During this time, in order to grow as an educator, I took several courses in teaching of mathematics, pedagogical practises and supervising methods at local colleges while also attending various professional development opportunities at the schools I have taught at. In 2020, I obtained a Masters in 21st Century Teaching and Learning from Stanford University. Throughout my teaching career, I have worked with a wide range of students, from children with special needs to advanced students pursuing an IB diploma. In my current position, I am a middle school math teacher, providing support and enrichment alongside teaching mathematics to the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. I am also the high school coordinator who steers the world of high school applications with the 8th graders.
Some of the most effective things that I know about teaching were taught to me not in colleges and universities by professors but in the classroom by the students who I have been teaching for the past twenty years. I enjoy teaching math particularly to middle schoolers and make it my goal to turn their fear and dislike for math into a positive experience where each child finds math approachable and fun. I am very excited to be part of the AlphaMinds Math team and to foster the understanding, mastery and appreciation of math for my students in AlphaMinds Academy!

Tatiana Sapronova

Liljana Soldat

My name is Liljana Marku Soldat. This year marks the 22nd year I have been a teacher of Mathematics. I am currently an Accelerated Class Math Teacher for 6th grade and Fundamental Skills Math teacher for 7 & 8th grade in the school district where I work full time. I graduated in 1998 and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tirana, Albania (Europe) with a major in Mathematics. I worked as a high school teacher for 2 years and then as a middle school teacher for 4 years. I served as vice principal at Hasan Koci Middle School for a full year. In 2005, I moved to New Jersey and became a Math instructor at Huntington Learning Center in Bridgewater, NJ. In 2010, I graduated from Saint Peter’s University with a master’s degree in education. I then worked for 8 years as a 4th grade Math teacher for Sayreville Public School. In the 2013-2014 school year, I was awarded “Teacher of the Year”. I was also a Coach Achievement Teacher (training other teachers in the district with very successful modules provided by NJ Department of Education). Additionally, I also worked as an adjunct professor for 6 years at Middlesex Community College in Edison, NJ teaching Algebra courses at various levels.

I moved to Florida in July 2017 with my husband & our five-year old daughter Olivia. We are really enjoying everything here. I have been feeling very welcomed at this amazing school from the administration, my colleagues, and my students. I am looking forward to a great school year at Haile Middle School and at AlphaMinds Academy!

Mina Samaan

My name is Mina Samaan. I graduated from a regionally accredited college in my home country of Egypt, where I majored in Education. I have always been passionate about teaching but never realized how enjoyable it is until I graduated and began teaching in my hometown. After immigrating to the United States, I became a certified substitute teacher. That is when I started to work with elementary school students. In my job as a substitute teacher, I teach Math and ESL to elementary school students of all grades. My understanding of student sensitivities and differences, and my ability to bring Math and ESL lessons to life with real world-applications are what enable me to teach them effectively. I am currently in the process of obtaining my Teaching Certification, as I passed three exams and have two more to complete. I also work as an Math Academic Intervention instructor for Orange BOE. As a passionate educator who deeply cares about my students, helping my students achieve their full potential and develop passion for learning is always my top priority.

Vera Vitali

My name is Vera Vitali. I grew up in Albania, and have lived in the United States for the last 23 years. For the last 17 years, I have been teaching math from 9th-12th grade from Algebra 1 to AP Calculus in some of the top private and public schools in New Jersey. I am certified to teach math from Pre-K to 12th grade and I have a Masters in Administrator in Education.
While I believe that everyone is ultimately responsible for their own learning, I believe that, as a teacher, I have been given the opportunity to influence the motivation of students in their learning process. My goal is to maximize each student's abilities and achievement to the highest level that they are capable of reaching.
As a passionate learner myself, I want my love of learning to be contagious. A successful teacher recognizes the uniqueness and individuality of participants and thereby creates learning experiences appropriate to different styles of learning. It is important to facilitate a process in which the learning experience taps the resources of the group.
A key component of running an effective classroom is making sure to involve individuals in the learning process so that they leave the classroom with heightened curiosity and with an increased ability to carry on their own learning. It is so important to help students feel good about themselves through designing challenging but achievable learning experiences. Success breeds success. As teachers, we need to build upon positive experiences in the classroom and make sure that students continue to grow by challenging them with new opportunities to build upon their past successes. I believe strongly in making myself available to students after classes and at the end of the school day to provide additional support and guidance in their understanding of the lessons being taught. As a team, both students and teachers can learn and grow to gain the most benefit out of their time together.


George Gawargi

My name is George Gawargi. I am originally from Egypt. I have been living in the US for over 12 years. I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from New Jersey City University and work as a Math teacher in a local charter school. I have been teaching computer programming, or “coding”, and engineering classes for five years, working with kids of various ages and levels of knowledge. I am very passionate about my work with young programmers: I help them discover their passion for coding, where they can learn not only how to program but also how to apply their creativity, expand their imagination, and improve their logic, math and other skills. My goal as an educator is to encourage and motivate my students because I believe that learning should be always exciting and fun. In my spare time, I usually like to play soccer or go to the gym.

Portia Morrell

My name is Portia Morrell and my teaching background is in computer science education. I was first exposed to computer science in 7th grade, back in 2001, using a language called Logo. That one class is how I fell in love with computer science and decided to pursue it years later. For about 5 years now, I've gained knowledge through teaching and building innovative S.T.E.M curriculum for various after-school
and summer camp programs in NYC and New Jersey. Currently, I am a Computer Science Teacher at Lycée Francais, where I teach grades 8-10. The greatest joy in teaching Computer Science to my young students is seeing the spark and wheels turning in their heads of the infinite possibilities that can be created with code. I look forward to an exciting year of teaching the students at Alpha Minds Academy!

Tara McLoughlin

My name is Tara McLoughlin, I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and I am a Computer Science student at Stevens Institute of Technology. I am graduating with my B.S. in 2023.
I currently have work experience in frontend and backend development for websites and other applications. I have worked with a Fortune 500 company to learn the ins and outs of the industry. I have also been tutoring coding, math, science, English, and more for over 6 years across all ages.
I love to watch the growth of my students as they learn the new world of computer science and develop into great programmers. Becoming a programmer helps people to learn critical thinking and logic in a way nothing else can! I hope to be able to inspire creativity and critical thinking amongst young minds.
When I’m not coding, you can find me playing soccer or chess with friends. I’m very excited to meet everyone and start helping my students to become the best they can be!


Diana Sher

Я учитель по профессии и по призванию. Я закончила c отличием Московский Педагогический Университет по специальности учитель английского. В круг моих интерсов входят лингвистика и культура в целом, и русскaя культурa и литературa в частности. Кроме того, с юношеских лет я увлекаюсь японской культурой и языком. После изучения японского языка в Дипломатической Академии, я сдала экзамен на знание японского языка, проводимого Токийским отделом образования в 2000. Теперь я свободно владею разговорной речью, а также пишу и читаю по-японски. У меня большой опыт работы преподавателем и переводчиком и есть сертификат медицинского переводчика от Нью-Йоркского Университета и сертификат преподавателя английского как иностранного от образовательной группы Бридж.
Я люблю преподавать и, особенно, люблю работать с детьми. Их улыбки и счастливые лица - моя настоящая награда. Развитие логического мышления очень важно, потому как Логика является языком разума. Мой девиз : “Учиться всегда должно быть увлекательно и интересно!” Используя творческий подход в своих уроках, я помогаю детям изучать мир и развивать необходимые навыки.

Maria Filatova

Меня зовут Мария Филатова и я преподаватель русского языка и литературы. Ещё в школе я поняла, что устала от физики и математики, а это был физико-математический класс, и решила поступать в педагогический на факультет русского языка и литературы. Я всю жизнь работаю с детьми и получаю удовольствие от общения с ними, когда вижу, как просыпается интерес в глазах, как загорается взгляд, когда они сами(!) находят ответ на очень сложный вопрос. Я люблю проводить время с малышами. Ведь они искренни и эмоцональны, любопытны и доверчивы, непоседливы, но очень способны, замечают разные мелочи и умеют радоваться тому, что происходит сегодня, сейчас, вот в эту самую секунду. Иногда я учу их чему-то, иногда мы учимся вместе, а иногда я учусь у них. Самое главное, они никогда не дадут забыть, что все мы дети, хоть и взрослые.

Svetlana Artemyeva

Преподавание музыки и театра детям — моя страсть; видеть, как мои ученики учатся и растут, — это потрясающе! Некоторые мои ученики заканчивают старшие классы. А я, уже седьмой год подряд продолжу обучать детей самому светлому и прекрасному - музыке и театру!

Как детский психолог по образованию, я использую свои музыкальные, вокальные и художественные навыки как один из самых лучших инструментов обучения детей с самого раннего возраста. Как учитель и мама двоих замечательных детей, я всегда подхожу к обучению детей творчески.

Я использую свои знания в детской психологии для наилучшего подхода к ребёнку и нашего общего прекрасного результата, выраженного в счастье детей и их родителей, в творческих достижениях моих учеников, которыми я по праву горжусь все эти семь замечательных лет работы в Школе Альфа Майндс Академи.

Я родилась в Казахстане и очень много путешествовала будучи подростком, я набиралась опыта и впитывала в себя музыку и культуру разных стран и народов.

В Нью-Джерси я живу уже 10 лет и за это время добилась потрясающих результатов в древнейшей школе Marlboro Montessori Academy в качестве дошкольного учителя музыки и искусства. Я также приношу свой вклад обществу работая в госпитальном отделении неотложной помощи НьюДжерси

Чем бы я ни занималась, я четко знаю, что люблю свою работу! Музыка и театр — это даже не то, чем я занимаюсь, это то, кто я есть, это то, из чего состоит моя жизнь.

Я с огромным нетерпением жду сентября, чтобы встретить вас снова и обнять моих прекрасных учеников! Ваша, Мисс Лана.

Viktoria Levenets

По образованию я - педагог/хореограф с 26-летним опытом работы с детьми дошкольного и младшего школьного возраста. Мое первое знакомство с танцем произошло в пять лет,
когда меня отвели в балетную студию. С того времени увлечение переросло в профессию.
Я закончила Сумское училище культуры с
отличием и получила предложение танцевать в профессиональном танцевальном коллективе.
Училась в Сумском государственном педагогическом университет им.А.С. Макаренко на факультете «Искусств», по специальности «Хореография».

В 2014 году я с отличием закончила магистратуру и получила квалификацию преподавателя хореографических дисциплин.

Свои первые шаги в преподавании я начинала делать с малышами в школе раннего творческого развития ребенка «Малюк» Сумского Дворца детей и юношества. Работала хореографом в вокально-хоровом коллективе. Также около 10 лет работала педагогом и хореографом в детском саду.

Работа с детьми приносит мне огромное удовольствие и я счастлива, что могу помочь малышам открывать для себя прекрасный мир творчества.

Julia Vogman

After graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a master's degree and working a few years in IT, I became a full-time mom and got interested in early-childhood enrichment and education.

I joined Musical Munchkins as a music teacher, which allowed me to work part time while concentrating on family, 3 boys certainly kept me busy!

As my youngest son got older, I wanted to continue growing with him and that’s how the idea of Club Passepartout was born.

My passion for traveling and planning educational, fun trips for my family was the highlight of every season. I feel so lucky that now I don’t need to wait for vacation to travel to a new place. We do it every week in class!

There is nothing like it when you finish a class and know everyone has left happy, smiling and charged with positive energy for the day. Kids don’t even notice that they have been learning for an hour when they are having fun!

Marina Shiyanova

Я работаю в сфере образования более 25 лет. Опыт преподавания языков (французский и русский язык ) ещё в советских школах. Постоянно учусь, стараясь идти в ногу со временем: веду занятия в AlphaMinds Academy и в классах, и в режиме онлайн, прошла курс " Русский язык как иностранный" в Институте русского языка им. А.С.Пушкина. Закончила также университет и в США, работаю с дошкольниками в одном из центров развития ребёнка Нью Джерси.
Наступающий учебный год будет для меня моим 7-м годом работы в AlphaMinds Academy. Обучать родному языку это ещё одна возможность творческого подхода к моей профессии.
Ученики в AlphaMinds Academy - самые лучшие, самые талантливые и самые весёлые. Я делаю всё возможное, чтобы и мои уроки были увлекательны,полезны, чтобы заложить в наших детях прочные знания и интерес к изучению языка. Я всегда чувствую поддержку родителей и руководства нашей школы.

Svetlana Podmogilnaya

Меня зовут Светлана. Я работаю преподавателем в Alpha Minds Academy третий год из моего 8-ми летнего педагогического стажа. Я закончила магистратуру Самарского государственного педагогического университета по специальности учителя начальных классов и дошкольного образования.
В своей педагогической деятельности я следую принципу, что все дети уникальны и талантливы. Меня вдохновляют их открытия в освоении языка, и я стараюсь подобрать индивидуальный подход для каждого ребенка, чтобы раскрыть его прирожденные способности. Возраст дошкольников и младших школьников - самое лучшее время для развития речи и погружения в культуру русского языка.
Как родитель детей, говорящих на двух языках, я понимаю, как непросто поддерживать их второй язык, который не является основным в нашем обществе. Я уверена, что погружение детей в русскоязычную среду посредством изучения окружающего мира, чтения книг на русском языке, изучения новой лексики через игру позволяет поддерживать и развивать их навыки общения на русском языке.
Я с нетерпением жду встречи со студентами и их родителями на уроках AlphaMinds Academy!

Екатерина Ривера

Я закончила Уральский государственный университет со степенью магистра философии, педагогика была частью этой программы. В США я получила степень бакалавра в бизнес управлении , но решила не делать карьеру в коммерческой области , потому что поняла, что очень люблю преподавать. Поэтому сейчас я нахожусь в процессе регистрации на программу развития детей младшего возраста, чтобы развиваться профессионально в сфере образования.
Последние десять лет я работала с детьми (сначала няней и инструктором по плаванию для детей до 7 лет, потом педагогом в детском саду). В 2021 году я начала работать в школе Монтессори в Джерси Сити и параллельно посещала курсы по повышению квалификации персонала школ системы Монтессори. На этих занятиях я прошла вводный курс Монтессори - программа раннего развития детей. В начале 2022 года я начала работать учителем в классе с детьми 2.5 летнего возраста в детском саду в Хобокене. В своем классе я реализовала множество стратегий Монтессори и добавила дополнительные художественные занятия. Искусство, музыка и танцы всегда были частью моей жизни как хобби, но, работая с детьми, я поняла, что они являются прекрасными инструментами, помогающими детям учиться играя.
Я являюсь носителем русского языка и с нетерпением жду возможности помочь учащимся Alpha Minds улучшить или выучить русский язык с помощью игры и музыки.
Я люблю проводить свободное время на природе. Легкий доступ к паркам с длинными маршрутами для прогулок был одной из причин, по которой моя семья переехала из Нью-Йорка в Нью-Джерси пять лет назад.

Ksenia Reztsova

Дети - наши настоящие Учителя . Именно через собственных детей в мою жизнь пришло столько новых знаний и навыков. Став мамой я погрузилась в изучение детской психологии, с интересом познавая какие же занятия могут и развлечь ребенка, и научить его чему-то новому. Развивая своих детей, я стала преподавать групповые музыкальные занятия в американском международном детском центре Gymboree Play&Music
для дошкольников с 2019 года. Благодаря музыкальному и актерскому образованию, полученному в Национальном Университете культуры и искусств Украины и Киевской музыкальной школе, получалось превратить занятия в настоящий праздник музыки и веселья. А классы для малышей проходили радостно даже для их родителей.
И вот это и есть самой большой наградой - видеть, как твоя работа дарит не только удовольствие, но еще и пользу для развития ребенка. В любой своей преподавательской деятельности я всегда стараюсь синтезировать тему урока с музыкой и песнями, таким образом материал усваивается ребенком легко и с удовольствием.
Я уверена, что каждый ребенок уникален и талантлив, а задача нас взрослых это проявить и совершенствовать. Я с нетерпением жду каждой встречи с нашими учениками!

Oksana Zaish

По образованию я учитель английского языка и литературы, русского языка и литературы, филолог и переводчик. Я закончила Запорожский Государственный Университет, факультет Романо-Германской Филологии. Более 14 лет я преподавала английский, немецкий и русский языки для учеников 1-11 классов в престижной гимназии г.Запорожья, а затем работала в США репетитором русского и английского языков. Я преподаю русский язык в AlphaMinds Academy с 2015 года. Работая с детьми разного происхождения, я стараюсь научить их иностранным языкам
в увлекательной и интересной форме. Я люблю учить детей и искренне радуюсь их успехам. Являясь творческой личностью, я стараюсь не останавливаться на
достигнутом и всегда интересуюсь современными методами обучения, интегрируя их в
повседневной работе. Имея опыт работы завучем школы, у меня есть определенный
психологический подход к ученикам и их родителям. Личный опыт включает в себя
воспитание сына (26 лет, учится в медицинском институте). Основные цели моей
работы – вдохновлять детей улучшить свои знания русского языка, развивать их
воображение и расширять кругозор. Радостные лица моих учеников и их прогресс в знание русского языка - моя самая большая награда!

Tatiana Petrova

Я родилась в Санкт-Петербурге. Мне посчастливилось вырасти в обстановке, где книги были основной темой для разговоров, среди стеллажей, уставленных шедеврами мировой литературы.
Каждая веха моей жизни совпадает с какой-то книгой или писателем.
Мое формальное образование тоже сосредоточено на языке и литературе:

- Два года на кафедре языкознания Санкт-Петербургского государственного факультета.
- Двойной диплом Stony Brook University, по английскому языку/литературе и лингвистике.
- Магистерская степень по литературе в Pennstate University.
- Два года на кафедре лингвистики в Cornell University.
Моя любовь к литературе неизменно сопровождается интересом к лингвистике. В своей работе как с детьми, так и со взрослыми я с одинаковым энтузиазмом уделяю внимание синтаксису и его поэтическому применению.
Последние 8 лет мой основной интерес составляет детская литература. Моя страсть - находить хороший литературный материал для своих детей. В своих поисках я руководствуюсь следующими критериями: издание, иллюстрации, язык/перевод. К счастью, мы живем в необыкновенно богатое литературой время. Море новых художников, авторов, переводчиков... Но в этом же изобилии таится и опасность: не весь этот материал годен для полки, которая будет формировать сознание ребенка. Чтобы пролистать сотни томов и пробраться через бесконечные ряды виртуальных стеллажей необходимо море времени и терпения. Но поскольку внеклассное чтение было основой моего образования, я не задумываясь трачу силы и ресурсы на составление библиотеки для своих детей. И я готова делиться накопленным богатством.
Внимание к литературе и языку - это не только средство развить грамотную и красивую речь и расширить кругозор, но и возможность открыть детям мир человеческих отношений и эмоций. Поэтому мой курс включает в себя интенсивное изучение грамматики и исключительно разнообразный литературный материал.

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