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"Our son began taking Math Classes here last September when he started 6th grade. We saw progress in his Math knowledge level within a couple of months. His grades and test scores began to rise significantly since he started the classes and he finished 6th grade with the highest Math score in his class!!! What is even more important to us as parents is the fact that his understanding of Mathematics, as well as his confidence in himself, and his ability when it comes to Math, has improved tremendously.  He is starting 7th Grade now and we are planning to apply to McNair High School next year. We are definitely returning to this program next September as they cover PSAT preparation, as well as the middle school curriculum in their classes. We are tremendously happy with our son's progress and would highly recommend these classes to anyone who is looking to help their children improve their Math level or give them exposure to a more challenging curriculum."

Larisa B. (Mom of a 7th grader)


"As a parent of a 4 year old, I find this to be the most comprehensive after school program in the area. All the interesting subjects and engaging teachers make it the perfect way to spend our weekday mornings."

Boris D. (Father of a 4 yo)


"Teachers are of high caliber and passionate about education. Highly recommend!"

Xiaolin X. (Father of a 3 yo)


"My daughter was enrolled in the Math V class for the Fall 2012. I received her progress report from school and her grades has drastically improved!"

Beatrice M. (Mom of a 5th Grader)


"Both of my daughters, ages 6 and 8, really enjoy their math classes and that's even with them being on Saturdays! It's helping reinforce certain math concepts while helping them solidify new and more complicated concepts. I highly recommend it."

Shawn V. (Mom of a 1st and 3rd Graders)


"Our daughter attended a different Russian language program last year. By comparison, this program is more demanding, and as a result, our daughter is making huge progress this year. Seems that the teacher, Ms. Svetlana, has great contact with the kids - they all love her."

Katya S. (Mother of a 6 yo)


"My 4 year old son barely spoke any Russian when he started this school. After just a few weeks, he was interested in the Russian language through interaction with other kids his age and teachers and made great progress in his speaking ability in Russian. He also had a lot of fun, especialy in the Art class!"

Elena S. (Mother of a 4 yo)


"We look forward to our Saturday classes and our daughter learns something new every time she visits!"

Akisia G. (Mother of a 2 yo)


"Convenient and well run new program with solid instruction, wide range of offerings to compliment children's education."

Father of a 3 yo and a 5 yo


"Our daughter has been enrolled into Math classes here since last year and we have been very pleased with her progress. This is a very strong program that concentrates on making sure children have a thorough understanding of Mathematical concepts. Their group classes are small, allowing for a lot of the individualized attention from the teacher to each student. Our daughter had always been a strong student in Math but only since she started taking classes in this program, she became truly interested in Math. Her grades have also improved and last year she finished with the highest grade available in her school, "E" for Excellent! We credit the fact that she attended Singapore Math classes in this program with her success! Needless to say, we'll be returning this year."

Karina R. (Mom of a 3rd Grader)


"I was very impressed with how this program 1)qickly assessed my son's level in chess and found an appropriate class, and 2) pro-actively arranged make-up classes after Sandy storm. I would highly recommend this program."

Father of a 6 yo


"My son has attended this program for 1.5 years now and I am very pleased with his progress, The Chess and Russian teachers are very enthusiastic and they make sure that children have fun while learning"

Olga K. (Mom of a 6 yo)


"The Early Logic class is excellent! The teacher is great with young kids. My daughter is so fond of her and is showing more interest in Math and Reading these days, thanks to this school."

Mom of a 5 yo


"This is an amazing program! My kids always talk about the classes and want to come back for more. They learned so much in just a few months. Highly recommend!"

Irina P. (Mom of a 2.5 yo twins)


"This is an excellent program, my son really enjoys it. There are many great classes for every age, and we could try them out and pick those that work best for my child. For the two semesters of 2011-2012 he has taken "Early Logic" with Dr. Chandra Budi as well as "Russian PreK" and "Sing Along" with Julia Vogman. Both teachers are highly professional and enthusiastic, they manage to explain complicated (for young minds) concepts through exciting projects. Furthermore, their feedback and homework keeps us, parents, informed on our child's development. We feel that my child has made a significant progress thanks to attending weekly classes in this program!

Lastly, I'd like to mention the wonderful parent and teacher community here, the extra-curriculum events that allow children to showcase their talents and the great work of the program's management. We are looking forward to many more semesters at our "Saturday school."

Lidia Saldago (Mom of a 4 yo)


"My 20 months old loved the "Mommy and Me" Art class! We were singing and creating a picture using water paint, glue, sand and frames. Had a lot of fun! It's a bit messy so wear clothes that's easy to wash. Definatly coming back next week!"

Tatiana N. (Mom of a 20 mo)


"We initially enrolled our son in this program because we wanted to prepare him for tests for private school and it turned into a lot more than that. I thought it they would sit and review the material; Instead, his teacher is teaching them reading, math, critical thinking skills that will benefit him for the long run.

Our Early Logic teacher is very innovative, engaging and creating. Children are learning a variety of skills in her class. She is really creative with how she presents ideas, concepts and material to children. For example, when the learned alphabet, she brough in letters they would touch and feel. The classes are very interactive.

The program made my son more confident - he is a big perfectionist and one thing they helped him understand was its ok to make a mistakes. As time went on, he would repeat his teacher and say, "it's ok to make mistakes." I noticed he would take more risks - it was part of the learning process. She really impressed upon him that we practice and thats how we get good at something. She made a lot of strides telling him that it's ok, practice is how we do well at things. I loved that she struck home with him.

This is an enrichment program that places a lot of emphasize on the individualized approach. Their classes are small; therefore, your kids' needs can be addressed and tailored to, specifically. It fosters an environment for excellence, encouranging a higher level of thinking - I have never seen anything like this in NJ. I wish there was a full time school like this, it would just be amazing. The director of the program really picked some excellent teachers and they really do some great stuff. The program covers so many subjects: chess, music, dance, art class, it's just phenominal! If you really want to challenge your child, this is the place to go. If your child is curious and interested in learning, and you are willing to dedicate the time why wouldn't anyone want to do this for their child?!"

Danielle Robinson (Mom of 3 yo; Early Logic)


"I want to thank you for providing such an outstanding program.

Our 4 year old son has gained a variety of educational skills, but more importantly, he has learned how to be a self-sufficient, confident little boy.

The Early Logic class  provided him the freedom to explore, but also the guided touch from his amazing and patient teacher on how to excel with each work. "

Jim and Cathy McNally (Parents of 4 year old son - Early Logic)


"Both our sons who are 8 and 5 years-old were in the summer Chess program. They loved it! It was a very relaxed and nice, intimate atmosphere. Because of the small class size, the kids were really able to focus. It's a totally different skill set that you do not get from any other activity. It provides them an opportunity to slow down, take a breath and think about their decisions.

We sought out these Math classes because we felt they needed the extra help. Their teacher, Ms. Chandra, was just phenomenal. She was able to quickly assess what they needed and the best way to teach it to them. Her homework assignments were very imaginative and thoughtful – not just busywork. After a few months, both boys were at ease with Math and they both scored in the 99 percentile on their Math standardized tests.

The program is a commitment, but if you feel your child can use the help it's worth it." Jennifer O (Mom of 8 and 6 yo; Chess/Early Math)


"Our son had wonderful exerience in the Russian PreK class this year!  His teacher provided regular feedback on his performance which was very useful to us as parents. Most importantly, there is very evident progress. Overall, everything is lovely. Excellent organization. We could not ask for more!"

Natasha I. (Mom of 3 yo; Russian Enrichment Class for Preschoolers)


"Our child's Russian language teacher is very engaging and she instills interest in her students to learn the language. We really like that this school organizes performances for the kids where they can showcase what they learned in the class."

Anna S. (Mom of A., 5 yo; Russian Language Class)


"Our son has improved academically since taking classes here on Saturdays. His teacher, Ms. Chandra is great with the children!"

Cathy M. (Mom of 5 yo; Early Logic Class)


"We are very happy with the teacher (Ms. Julia) and the class [Mommy and Me - Music] itself: it is very engaging, lots of fun for the little ones and offers a variety of age appropriate activities for the little children"

Irina Y. (Mom of 2 yo; Mommy and Me - Music)


"We really feel math is very important and the school our daughter is enrolled at is not that strong in math. When i saw the homework she was bringing home, I knew that she could do much more. Our daughter is a fast learner, and she just wasn't properly challendged in her school.  We registered her for Math and Chess classes and she loved her classes.

Our daughter was one of the youngest in her 1st grade classroom in the beginning and at first, she thought that she couldn't do as much academically as some of the other kids. The teacher really encouraged her and pushed her to do more in a very positive way - our daughter really felt challenged and she wanted to get to the same pace and level as the other kids in her class. And in the end, she did as well as the other kids! By the end of the year, she was doing 3rd grade Math and loving it!"

Ligia Arias (Mom of 7yo; Early Math and Logic/Chess)


"We enjoyed the Russian Language class. The teacher is very enthusiastic and the progral talks about topics that kids are interested in. We appreciated the homework that ensured we spent at least an hour a week practicing Russian at home. Our son loved the stories to be read at home. I think the class goes a long way toward sustaining our son's interest in Russian language and literature"

Natalia C. (Mom of 7yo)

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