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Chess • Coding • Logic • Mathematics • Reading • Essay Writing • Science & Engineering •  Russian language


Welcome to AlphaMinds Academy, where students find confidence in learning!

AlphaMinds Academy is an enrichment program that provides students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn in a fun, creative atmosphere after school and on weekends, all year long.


Children need more than the rote memorization of facts to appreciate learning. That's why our classes offer engaging and interactive lessons. Because all children learn at different levels, we assign students to small classes based on ability, rather than age.


Research has shown that early exposure to Mathematics, Chess, Engineering and Languages beyond the school day has a long-lasting, positive effect on a child’s school education and beyond. At AlphaMinds, we believe that early introduction to these subjects will not only support students later in their academic journey, but will also spark their lifelong passion for learning and exploration. Our enthusiastic instructors, most with advanced degrees in their fields, are experts in engaging each student’s natural curiosity and desire to explore the world. 


AlphaMinds Academy is the only program in Hudson County, NJ that offers an extensive Russian Language program. From Mommy and Me classes to Musical Theater and Russian Literature classes, we offer a wide array of full-immersion Russian language courses for children and adults of all ages and abilities. 


Whether your child is looking for extra help in a subject or advanced instruction beyond what school can offer, AlphaMinds Academy provides students with the tools and confidence to truly thrive!

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