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About Alpha Minds Chess Program

AlphaMinds Academy | About AlphaMinds Chess Program
Our chess classes at AlphaMinds Academy offer children of all ages and levels a welcoming and friendly environment where children can learn to play chess, continue practicing and improving their skills and meet other children who are passionate about the game. Our program is designed to take children from beginner to tournament level and guide them through the competitive process of becoming a successful USCF rated chess player. Our team of experienced and dedicated chess coaches is comprised of highly accomplished competitive chess players, including several National Chess Masters. Our classes are taught in small groups, divided by skill level. Children are placed in a particular group based on his/her level. It is important that each child is placed into the right level group based on their level to allow them to benefit the most from our chess curriculum. Please see each level description below. If you are not sure which level your child should be placed, our experienced chess coaches will assess your child during the first lesson and advise accordingly. ​ In our classes, children master the basic rules and principles of chess; learn the full range of tactical skills (pins, forks, skewers, etc); are introduced to opening, middle, and endgame theory; become capable of in-depth analysis of their own and others’ games; get familiar with chess notation; Most importantly, they acquire the love and appreciation for the Game of Chess for life! ​ Please note: Our chess classes are not age specific – i.e., any child at any age can be in any of the classes. Children are placed into a group by their level, based entirely on the their knowledge of the game. ​ AlphaMinds Academy is a registered chess club with the United States Chess Federation. At AlphaMinds Academy, we are committed to empowering children with the ability to think critically, reason effectively, and approach problem-solving with confidence. Our Logic Program provides a stimulating learning environment where children can develop these fundamental skills while having fun and enjoying the journey of intellectual growth. At AlphaMinds Academy, we provide both in-person and online classes, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Our classes are conducted in small group settings to promote active participation and engagement. Additionally, private tutoring is also available upon request. Feel free to reach out to us at for more information regarding terms and availability.

Why Teach Chess to Kids?

AlphaMinds Academy | Why Teach Chess to Kids
Chess can help: - Raise intelligence quotient (IQ) scores - Foster critical, creative, and original thinking - Demonstrate the importance of concentration and self-discipline - Improve problem solving skills - Challenge gifted children - Enhance social skills, raise self-esteem, overcome the fear of risk-taking - Improve reading, memory, and math skills It is a well-known fact that chess develops intelligence. And what is intelligence if not the ability to solve problems? In our chess classes, children learn to play the game and discover that the techniques used to analyze chess situations can also be used, sometimes quite creatively, to grapple with puzzling questions in school and real life.

Why Choose AlphaMinds Chess Program?

  • Our expert coaches include National Chess Masters (USCF 2200+)  and those who have attained the prestigious National Expert rank (USF 1950+).

  • Small classes that are interactive, fun, and engaging

  • High quality group and private classes at affordable prices 

  • Choice of in-person or online classes

  • Regular progress assessments and feedback from our amazing instructors

  • Monthly USCF Scholastic Chess Tournaments

  • Member of the United States Chess Federation


AlphaMinds Academy Chess Beginners Classes


This course is designed to teach chess to children who have none or limited prior knowledge of the game. Our chess classes for beginners introduce children to the world of chess through storytelling, games and interactive activities. Students are introduced to the basic history of chess and learn pieces names, value,movement, and capture, good trades vs. bad trades, as well as board notation and setup. The concepts of check, checkmate, stalemate and castling will follow. Students will learn the key principles of the chess game as well as basic tactics and strategies. They will be introduced to the beginner level openings. Equally important, children learn such critical skills as patience, persistence, logic and reasoning skills. Classes for younger students are taught in an interactive and playful form. Part of the class is board demonstrations and part practical interaction (playing chess). The complete Beginners course consists of 3 trimesters(Beginners I, II and III) and is typically completed within one school year (approximately 32-34 lessons). After this course, students are ready for the more advanced tactics and strategies! ​ Please ensure this is the correct level for your child: This class is for children who range from having no background in chess to those who have learned how the pieces move but who still don’t have a strong, automatic command of all piece movement or know how to checkmate or castle.
AlphaMinds Academy Chess Intermediate Classes


This class is designed to build on the foundational skills learned in beginner classes and further develop the knowledge and strategies necessary for playing chess at a more advanced level. In this class, children will learn more advanced tactics and strategies such as pinning, skewering, and fork attacks. They will also focus on understanding the importance of pawn structure, piece development, and controlling the center of the board. Children will also learn how to recognize and defend against common checkmate patterns. The class will be taught by an experienced chess instructor who will guide children through practice games, puzzles, and interactive lessons to help them improve their skills. There may also be opportunities for children to participate in chess tournaments and competitions, allowing them to test their skills against other players. ​ Overall, the intermediate chess class for children will provide a challenging and engaging environment for children to continue to develop their skills and deepen their love for the game of chess. Part of the class is board demonstrations and part practical interaction (playing chess matches against other students in class, under the instructor's observation). Please ensure this is the correct level for your child: This class is for children who have a strong command of the pieces and their movements, understand check, stalemate and know how to checkmate. Children might be familiar with castling and en passant, and might have been introduced to some tactics and key chess principals but do not have a dominant command on using them in their games yet. *Our Intermediate I course is typically completed within one school year (approximately 32-34 lessons).
AlphaMinds Academy Chess Intermediate II Classes


This chess class is for children who play chess at the level (or equivalent of) USCF 400-800. It is designed to build upon the fundamental skills and knowledge acquired in earlier chess classes. The class is structured to help young players develop their strategic thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities while playing the game of chess. This class will focus on more advanced concepts such as pawn structure, opening principles, and tactical motifs. In addition to covering theoretical concepts, the class also focuses on practical play. Students will have opportunities to participate in practice games, solve puzzles, and analyze real-life games. The class is designed to be interactive, with students encouraged to ask questions and share their ideas with the group. Throughout the class, the instructors provide guidance and feedback to help each student improve their play. They may offer individualized instruction, pointing out areas for improvement and suggesting strategies for overcoming weaknesses. By the end of the class, students should have a deeper understanding of chess strategy and be better equipped to compete in tournaments. They will have developed their analytical skills and improved their ability to make good decisions under pressure. ​ *Our Intermediate II course is typically completed within one school year (approximately 32-34 lessons).
AlphaMinds Academy Chess Advanced Classes


This engaging and comprehensive chess course is designed specifically for children playing at the United States Chess Federation (USCF) 800+ rating level. This course is tailored to provide young chess enthusiasts with the knowledge, strategies, and skills required to elevate their game to new heights. ​ This course features weekly “slow” chess games and analysis of these games. Students will delve into complex opening, middle, and endgame concepts, like knowing when to “break” chess rules by trading one advantage for another and how to handle critical positions where it is necessary to find the correct middlegame plan. Students will become increasingly comfortable with elements of “slow” tournament games, including managing their clocks and scoresheets. Part of the class is board demonstrations and part practical interaction. In addition, students in this class are encouraged to play in regular tournaments and play daily matches against various opponents. Please ensure this is the correct level for your child: This class is for children who have a strong, automatic command of checkmate, castling, and en passant, and who are fluent in chess notation. The children in this class are essentially ready to play at club level, but may still want to add to what is already a full repertoire by playing and analyzing with other children their age/level.


My son has taken chess with AlphaMinds for six years and it's given him a solid foundation to be a life-long chess player. He keeps returning to AlphaMinds classes every year because they do an incredible job grouping students with equivalent chess experience and tailoring the instruction to the students' level.

Cynthia Link 

My children have taken classes at AlphaMinds, both in person and online, since 2019. My son was about 3.5 yo when he started chess, and it's a testament to the quality of the instructors that he both learned chess, and that it turned into a lifetime love for the game.

Daniela Mariuma

My son started his chess classes in AlphaMinds two years ago and he loves it!!!  If you’re looking to teach you kid chess it great both with kids and with chess!

Marina Miller


Rilwan Ameen

Rilwan Ameen's passion for playing chess ignited at the age of 11, and he has remained dedicated to the game ever since. After receiving proper instruction and honing his skills for an entire year, he eagerly participated in his inaugural tournament, marking the beginning of an illustrious chess journey, eventually positioning him within the top 100 players in his age group (14-18). Over the span of nearly two decades, Rilwan has competed at various levels, including Scholastic, Local, and National, through tournaments sanctioned by the United States Chess Federation (USCF). In addition to his achievements as a player, Rilwan shares his expertise as a chess coach, driven by a genuine desire to inspire the next generation of chess enthusiasts. His approach to teaching involves making every lesson not only educational but also engaging and enjoyable for kids, leaving a lasting impact on their chess journey!

Lamel McBryde (National Chess Master)

Lamel Mc Bryde is an esteemed National Chess Master with an impressive 25-year journey in the world of chess. For the past 15 years, he has been sharing his passion and expertise as a chess instructor, dedicating himself to the craft wholeheartedly. Despite learning the game without a coach and limited resources, Lamel's determination led him to become one of the top players in NYC, achieving notable success and securing significant cash prizes in prominent chess tournaments. Beyond his chess prowess, Lamel enjoys staying active, spending his spare time at the gym, playing basketball, and engaging in friendly blitz chess matches with close friends. Embracing empowering mantras like "teamwork makes the dream work," "you can do anything you put your mind to," and "it's all about mind over matter," Lamel embodies a mindset of boundless possibilities and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Alan Stolyarov

Alan Stolyarov is an accomplished chess player and dedicated teacher with 12 years of competitive chess experience and 5 years of teaching expertise. His passion for the game began during memorable matches with his father, and since then, he has pursued extensive learning opportunities, receiving lessons and private coaching from esteemed grandmasters. This dedication has translated into numerous significant tournament triumphs, earning him the distinguished rank of National Expert. Alan's teaching philosophy revolves around leaving his students inspired and eager for more. He not only ensures that each lesson imparts instructive knowledge but also guides his students to transform that knowledge into successful victories on the chessboard. With his engaging approach and strategic guidance, Alan empowers his students to excel in both their learning journey and actual gameplay!
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