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AlphaMinds Academy | About AlphaMinds Russian Program

About AlphaMinds Russian Language Immersion School

Our Russian Language Immersion Program offers a dynamic and immersive learning experience for children aged 1 to 15 years old. Designed to develop fluency and proficiency in the Russian language, our program provides a stimulating environment where children can explore, communicate, and engage with the language and culture. Through a combination of interactive activities, games, songs, stories, and hands-on projects, our program aims to create an immersive language experience. Our team of experienced and passionate instructors use a communicative approach to language learning, encouraging children to actively participate and practice their Russian language skills in a supportive and engaging setting. Our program is tailored to different age groups, ensuring age-appropriate content and teaching methodologies. For our youngest learners, we focus on building vocabulary, basic language structures, and developing listening and speaking skills through play-based activities. As children progress in age and proficiency, we introduce more complex grammar concepts, reading, and writing skills. At the heart of our Russian Language Immersion Program is the exposure to authentic Russian language and culture. We incorporate cultural elements such as traditions, customs, and celebrations into our lessons, providing children with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Russian-speaking world. Our program fosters a nurturing and inclusive environment where children feel confident to take risks, make mistakes, and actively engage in their language learning journey. We believe that immersion is key to language acquisition, and our goal is to create an environment where children can develop their language skills naturally and confidently. Whether your child is a beginner or already has some knowledge of Russian, our program offers a supportive and enriching learning experience. Through our Russian Language Immersion Program, we strive to ignite a lifelong love for the Russian language and culture, empowering children with the language skills and cultural understanding to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. At AlphaMinds Academy, we provide both in-person and online classes, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Our classes are conducted in small group settings to promote active participation and engagement. Additionally, private tutoring is also available upon request. Feel free to reach out to us at for more information regarding terms and availability.

Why enroll into AlphaMinds Russian School?

  • Language Fluency: Our Russian Immersion Program is designed to cultivate bilingual literacy from an early age, giving your child the ability to confidently speak both Russian and English.

  • Academic Excellence: Studies show that bilingual individuals often excel academically. Our program not only teaches language but also fosters critical thinking and cognitive skills, leading to success across various subjects.

  • Global Perspective: In today's world, a second language opens doors to diverse opportunities. Our program equips children with a global perspective, preparing them for a competitive future.

  • Personal Growth: Learning a second language stimulates cognitive development, memory, and problem-solving skills. Our teaching approach promotes personal growth, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning.

  • Flexible Learning: in-person and online classes, taking place in small groups optimal for individual attention; private tutoring is available on request.

  • Family-Like Environment: Join our nurturing community of parents, teachers, and students who share a passion for language and culture. Our supportive atmosphere fosters strong friendships and a sense of belonging.

  • Fun and Engaging: Language learning should be enjoyable! Our interactive lessons, creative projects, and cultural celebrations provide an exciting experience for your child, making bilingualism a fun and captivating journey!

AlphaMinds Russian Program

AlphaMinds Academy Russian Mommy & Me Classes

MOMMY & ME MUSIC / "МУЗЫКА С МАМОЙ" (1-3 years old)

Strengthen the special bond with your little one through our delightful Mommy and Me Music classes for toddlers taught in Russian. Designed to create joyful experiences for both you and your child, our interactive classes provide a nurturing environment where parents and their toddlers can learn, play, and connect. Early introduction to language and music provides toddlers with a head start in Russian language development, social skills, fine and gross motor skills, and sensory exploration! The foundation for our program is based on educational and developmental musical games. In addition to folk songs and poems by A. Barto, S. Marshak and others, we introduce children to songs that are familiar to us parents and to many new ones. We keep our little music explorers interested through frequent activity changes that keeps them excited and curious. *Dads, Grandparents and Caregivers are also welcome!
AlphaMinds Academy Russian PreK Classes

RUSSIAN PREK I "Малышарики" Class (from 2.5 years old)

We offer unique play and learn classes for children aged 2.5 to 3.5 years in the Russian language. Our classes combine fun and education, specially designed to support your child's development during this crucial stage of their life. What sets our play and learn classes apart: - Integrated Approach: Our classes seamlessly blend play and learning, creating a stimulating environment for your child's development. We have developed a curriculum that teaches age-appropriate skills, including language development, fine and gross motor skills, introduction to numbers, shapes, colors, and much more. - Competent Educators: Our classes are led by highly qualified educators with experience working with children of this age group. They create a friendly and supportive atmosphere where children feel comfortable and inspired to learn. - Varied Activities: We offer a range of engaging activities, including creative projects, music games, physical exercises, and interactive lessons. This helps foster imagination, social skills, and self-discipline in young learners. - Social Interaction: Our classes also provide an excellent opportunity for children to socialize and interact with peers of their own age. They can learn to play together, share ideas, and develop collaboration skills. - Safe and Stimulating Environment: We create a safe and stimulating environment where each child receives individual attention. We cater to their specific needs and interests while ensuring their safety and well-being. Give your child the opportunity to play, learn, and grow with our play and learn classes for 2.5-3.5 year olds in the Russian language!
AlphaMinds Academy Russian PreK Classes

RUSSIAN PREK II "Развивайка" (3-5 years old)

At AlphaMinds Academy we believe in providing a holistic language immersion learning experience for preschool children in a welcoming and nurturing environment. Our "Развивайка" program combines educational and interactive elements to foster cognitive, linguistic, and physical growth.Our lessons are focused on enriching language skills, expanding knowledge, and developing critical thinking, attention, memory, and sensory perception. Children will also learn the Russian alphabet and become acquainted with the basics of reading and writing in Russian. Each lesson is structured with alternating blocks of interactive tasks, storytelling, poems, musical breaks, and active games to promote all-around child development. Our program includes: - Speech Development: Enhancing language skills through various activities and exercises. Alphabet and Phonics: Introducing letters and sounds, laying the foundation for reading readiness. - Reading Preparation: Preparing children for reading by developing phonemic awareness and letter recognition. - Fine Motor Skills: Strengthening hand muscles and preparing for writing. - Exploring the World: Discovering the phenomena of the surrounding world, fostering curiosity and knowledge. - Music and Movement Games: Engaging in musical and active games to enhance coordination and physical development.
AlphaMinds Academy Russian PreK Classes

RUSSIAN PREK II "Почемучка" (3-5 years old) - 2 HOUR AFTERSCHOOL CLASS

Our afterschool "Почемучка" program is designed to provide language practice in Russian for children while improving their speech, vocabulary, communication skills, and socialization. This program also fosters curiosity, activity, and children's interest in the world around them. Within the framework of the "Pochemuchka" program, children will actively and interactively explore various topics and fields of knowledge. The program enhances children's curiosity, stimulates their cognitive abilities, and promotes the development of independent thinking skills. Each lesson is built on the alternation of different blocks, including communicative games, interactive tasks, immersion into the world of new discoveries, musical breaks, and active games for all-around child development. Our comprehensive two-hour sessions include: - Speech development - Vocabulary expansion - Gross and fine motor skills development - Introduction to fairy tales - Crafts and experiments - "Musical break" activities
AlphaMinds Academy Russian PreK Classes

RUSSIAN PREK III "Познавайка" (4-5 years old)

At AlphaMinds Academy, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience for older preschool children. Our "Познавайка" program combines interactive and educational elements to enrich language skills, broaden horizons, and prepare children for reading and writing. a preparatory program designed for older preschool children (ages 4 to 5) as a stepping stone towards the Russian I "Читайка" class. Our lessons focus on enriching language skills, expanding knowledge, and preparing children for reading and writing in the Russian language. Our comprehensive classes include: - Alphabet Games: Engaging activities to explore and familiarize children with the alphabet. - Fine Motor Skills: Strengthening hand muscles and preparing for writing. - Role-Playing Games: Encouraging imagination and creativity through interactive role-playing activities. - Dialogues: Practicing conversation skills through dialogues and interactions. - Retelling: Developing storytelling abilities and improving comprehension skills. - Poems: Introducing children to Russian poetry, enhancing language rhythm and expression. - Exploring the World: Discovering phenomena in the surrounding world to foster curiosity and knowledge. - Music and Movement Games: Engaging in musical and active games to promote coordination and physical development.
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Logic Classes

LOGIC PREK (3-4 yo), LOGIC K (4-5 yo)

At AlphaMinds Academy, we believe in providing a strong foundation in education through our Logic program for children 3-5 years old. Logic serves as the cornerstone of mathematics, reasoning, cognitive thinking, and various other disciplines. While logic is not traditionally taught in classrooms, we have developed an interactive educational program at AlphaMinds Academy that brings logic concepts to life and instills a sense of excitement for learning in children. Research has consistently shown that children who are encouraged to understand the thinking process, which is at the core of logic, tend to develop qualities such as inquisitiveness, creativity, confidence, compassion, and effective communication skills. Our Logic Program is designed to nurture these qualities by helping young children develop their thought processes, reasoning abilities, and critical thinking skills, providing them with essential tools for their formative years and beyond. Spanning a two-year curriculum, our program covers all the topics found in prominent assessments such as the OLSAT® test (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test®), the NNAT-2® test (Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test), and the ERB test. Under the guidance of our experienced teachers, children will explore arithmetic facts, engage in interactive logic games, solve carefully selected riddles and puzzles, and participate in activities specifically designed to foster logical and critical thinking skills. At AlphaMinds Academy, we are committed to empowering children with the ability to think critically, reason effectively, and approach problem-solving with confidence. Our Logic Program provides a stimulating learning environment where children can develop these fundamental skills while having fun and enjoying the journey of intellectual growth.
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Musical Theater Classes


Our delightful Musical Theater classes offer a fun and immersive Russian language experience for young children aged 3 to 6. Through playful activities, kids can express themselves, try out new roles, and develop their creativity while enhancing their conversational Russian skills. Our program promotes teamwork, confidence, and joy, culminating in charming performances that showcase their growth and achievements. Join us for a magical journey of music and imagination, where learning is an exciting adventure for our little stars!
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Musical Theater Classes


Our Musical Theater classes for ages 6 to 12 offer an exciting and immersive experience in the world of Russian language theater. Through engaging activities, students will develop their communication skills, artistic abilities, and confidence as they explore various theatrical elements. From acting and dancing to improvisation and character development, our young performers will gain valuable skills while having a blast in a creative and supportive environment. The semester culminates in a dazzling performance, showcasing their talents to friends, family, and fellow students. Join us on this captivating journey and watch your child shine on stage!
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Classes


In this class children who are ready to begin learning to read and write in Russian embark on an exciting journey of literacy and language development! To start in this class, it is not necessary for the child to know the Russian alphabet but children should be showing signs of readiness to read and write. Our interactive course, filled with interactive games and engaging activities, will help each child quickly acquire reading and writing skills. In fact, by the end of the very first lesson (!), children will be able to read and write their first words in Russian! By the end of the course, our students will be able to: - Confidently read and write in print letters - Create a story based on pictures - Engage in conversations on topics such as "Family," "School," "Vegetables and Fruits," "People," "Animals," "Toys," "Space," "At the Library," and "At the Museum" - Quickly pronounce numerous tongue twisters - Recite poems by heart - Retell and act out fairy tales - Play educational games - Pose and solve verbal riddles - Showcase their very own little author's books Our students can even assist their parents by creating a shopping list in Russian! **We recommend this class to children who are five years old .Children younger than five are admitted upon the recommendation of the teacher from the previous class ("Развивайка" or "Познавайка") or through an interview (new students).
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Classes


Is your child already able to read and write in print letters? Excellent! Enroll them in this group! By the end of the course, our students will: - Read texts fluently up to three pages in length. - Retell stories they have read in their own words. - Create their own interesting projects. - Have memorized numerous poems and songs. - Write short texts. - Know cursive handwriting (able to write individual words in cursive). - Be familiar with many proverbs and riddles. - Distinguish between sounds and letters, words and sentences. - Understand the concept of a text, metagrams, and the importance of stress in pronunciation. - Take pride in their significantly expanded knowledge (thanks to our thematic lessons) and vast vocabulary! Join us and watch your child's literacy skills soar to new heights!
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Classes


Each lesson of this level course combines activities in the Russian language/grammar and literary reading. By the end of this course, every student will: - Know and appreciate both classic and contemporary literary works. - Possess competent oral and written language skills within their age group. - Understand and confidently apply the basic rules of Russian spelling in their writing within their age group. - Solve rebuses. - Write in cursive with confidence. - Differentiate between nouns, verbs, and adjectives. - Take pride in their significantly expanded knowledge (thanks to our thematic lessons) and vast vocabulary! - Create unique and creative works! It is in this level that we begin to observe the transformative power of language and literature in our students' development!
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Classes


The focus of our comprehensive fourth-year curriculum which combines Russian grammar and literary reading is to further develop and empower students' language literary skills. By the end of this course, our students will: - Know and appreciate both classic and contemporary literary works. - Possess proficient oral and written language skills within their age group. - Have a solid grasp of the fundamental rules of Russian spelling. - Demonstrate the ability to write compositions and essays. - Possess a wide range of idiomatic expressions and use them accurately. - Differentiate between antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. - Create and present their own creative works.
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Classes


Advanced Russian Language and Literature Courses: Nurturing Linguistic Proficiency and Literary Appreciation. The main objective at this level is to deepen and expand our students' knowledge of the Russian language. Through an organic combination of instructional, investigative and project based learning, we aim to enhance their understanding of grammar, improve literacy, and expand their vocabulary. How can we support or even reignite our children's interest in the Russian language? We present to you a unique learning program where we will cultivate language skills based on topics that genuinely captivate our students. But that's not all! In the second part of our lessons (literary reading), we will delve into classic and contemporary works of Russian and world literature. We will learn to contemplate the themes explored by the authors, draw analogies, read between the lines, and express our opinions both orally and in writing. By the end of the course, our students will: - Know and appreciate both classic and contemporary literary works. - Possess proficient oral and written language skills within their age group. - Demonstrate a confident application of the fundamental rules of Russian spelling in their writing. - Be capable of writing compositions and essays. - Skillfully employ a wide range of idiomatic expressions. - Differentiate between antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. - Create and present their own creative works. - Participate in international creative competitions in the Russian language. Join us on this enriching journey, where our students will not only strengthen their language skills but also develop a deep appreciation for literature!
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Classes


This course is designed for children who wish to enhance their conversational Russian language skills and grammar, and continue exploring literature. Learning Russian, especially reading in Russian, presents specific challenges for children of this age group. On one hand, teenagers are interested in serious topics; on the other hand, their somewhat limited language abilities prevent them from fully enjoying the diversity of beautiful texts tailored to their age. Our "Bookworms" courses offer a unique opportunity to overcome these obstacles. Students will encounter a wide range of texts, including poetry and prose, humorous school stories, and thought-provoking novellas, as well as absurd sketches and documentary essays. Easy-to-read materials will alternate with more challenging texts. We hope that the variety of literary genres provided will sustain interest in reading, inspire engaging discussions, expand vocabulary and conversational skills, and, most importantly, help overcome any apprehensions about reading in Russian. While literature forms the foundation of this course, we will also delve into the study of grammar and spelling, in addition to developing writing skills and improving speech etiquette. Join us on this captivating journey of language and literature and witness your child become a confident and enthusiastic reader!
AlphaMinds Academy Russian Club Passerpartout Classes


An exciting adventure awaits young travelers this year. With the help of a time machine, we will travel back to the distant past and get acquainted with the most important events of the ancient world. We will solve the riddles of bygone civilizations and understand how people lived thousands of years ago, how they looked, how they studied and had fun, what they believed in and how they fought. Mighty pharaohs and brilliant architects of Ancient Egypt, myths and legends of Ancient Greece, fearless gladiators and great emperors of Ancient Rome await us.


"This school gave such a great jumpstart for my kids. We’ve been homeschooling up until kindergarten and going to AlphaMinds classes. Now my son is way beyond kindergarten level for both math and reading, and my daughter picked up quite a bit of Russian at her Razvivajka class. Highly recommend this school for quality education and their amazing teachers!"

Lena Maksad

"My son (5yo) has been attending this school for last 1,5 years, and it’s a wonderful place for his academic growth and success! He takes classes of Logic, Russian and Theater and loves them! Teachers are great professionals, the environment is welcoming, and kids have happy time together! And Ms Ana (who runs the school) is always there to help everyone. We are looking forward to a new academic year with Alpha Minds!"

Ekaterina Sirotkin

"We’ve been with AlphaMinds for over 5 years now. Both my son (10 y.o.) and daughter (8 y.o.) enjoy the classes, teachers, and their friends at AlphaMinds immensely! The school offers a good selection of classes. Over the years, my kids have taken Chess, Drama, Math, Russian Language at various levels. All have been taught by great teachers, enthusiastic about their subject. I’m happy with the progress my kids are making at the school and the fact that they are thrilled to run there every week. We are happy to call AlphaMinds our home each Saturday."


Alyona Orabio


Svetlana Artemyeva
Преподавание музыки и театра детям — моя страсть; видеть, как мои ученики учатся и растут, — это потрясающе! Некоторые мои ученики заканчивают старшие классы. А я, уже седьмой год подряд продолжу обучать детей самому светлому и прекрасному - музыке и театру! Как детский психолог по образованию, я использую свои музыкальные, вокальные и художественные навыки как один из самых лучших инструментов обучения детей с самого раннего возраста. Как учитель и мама двоих замечательных детей, я всегда подхожу к обучению детей творчески. Я использую свои знания в детской психологии для наилучшего подхода к ребёнку и нашего общего прекрасного результата, выраженного в счастье детей и их родителей, в творческих достижениях моих учеников, которыми я по праву горжусь все эти семь замечательных лет работы в Школе Альфа Майндс Академи. Я родилась в Казахстане и очень много путешествовала будучи подростком, я набиралась опыта и впитывала в себя музыку и культуру разных стран и народов. В Нью-Джерси я живу уже 10 лет и за это время добилась потрясающих результатов в древнейшей школе Marlboro Montessori Academy в качестве дошкольного учителя музыки и искусства. Я также приношу свой вклад обществу работая в госпитальном отделении неотложной помощи НьюДжерси Чем бы я ни занималась, я четко знаю, что люблю свою работу! Музыка и театр — это даже не то, чем я занимаюсь, это то, кто я есть, это то, из чего состоит моя жизнь. Я с огромным нетерпением жду сентября, чтобы встретить вас снова и обнять моих прекрасных учеников! Ваша, Мисс Лана.
Svetlana Podmogilnaya
Меня зовут Светлана. Я работаю преподавателем в Alpha Minds Academy третий год из моего 8-ми летнего педагогического стажа. Я закончила магистратуру Самарского государственного педагогического университета по специальности учителя начальных классов и дошкольного образования. В своей педагогической деятельности я следую принципу, что все дети уникальны и талантливы. Меня вдохновляют их открытия в освоении языка, и я стараюсь подобрать индивидуальный подход для каждого ребенка, чтобы раскрыть его прирожденные способности. Возраст дошкольников и младших школьников - самое лучшее время для развития речи и погружения в культуру русского языка. Как родитель детей, говорящих на двух языках, я понимаю, как непросто поддерживать их второй язык, который не является основным в нашем обществе. Я уверена, что погружение детей в русскоязычную среду посредством изучения окружающего мира, чтения книг на русском языке, изучения новой лексики через игру позволяет поддерживать и развивать их навыки общения на русском языке. Я с нетерпением жду встречи со студентами и их родителями на уроках AlphaMinds Academy!
Oksana Zaish
По образованию я учитель английского языка и литературы, русского языка и литературы, филолог и переводчик. Я закончила Запорожский Государственный Университет, факультет Романо-Германской Филологии. Более 14 лет я преподавала английский, немецкий и русский языки для учеников 1-11 классов в престижной гимназии г.Запорожья, а затем работала в США репетитором русского и английского языков. Я преподаю русский язык в AlphaMinds Academy с 2015 года. Работая с детьми разного происхождения, я стараюсь научить их иностранным языкам в увлекательной и интересной форме. Я люблю учить детей и искренне радуюсь их успехам. Являясь творческой личностью, я стараюсь не останавливаться на достигнутом и всегда интересуюсь современными методами обучения, интегрируя их в повседневной работе. Имея опыт работы завучем школы, у меня есть определенный психологический подход к ученикам и их родителям. Личный опыт включает в себя воспитание сына (26 лет, учится в медицинском институте). Основные цели моей работы – вдохновлять детей улучшить свои знания русского языка, развивать их воображение и расширять кругозор. Радостные лица моих учеников и их прогресс в знание русского языка - моя самая большая награда!
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