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We enrolled our son in Reading and Logic online classes and we can only say great things about Alphaminds Academy. Ms Arielle and Ms Tatiana are amazing teachers and persons, they always found a way to keep kids engaged and learning new things every class. My son learned A LOT with both classes, he is reading, adding, subtracting and even learned about fractions and more...! Alphaminds did a great job 🏽 We are so happy with all the staff.

Anahi M. (mom of a 4 yo)

The chess program at Alphaminds Academy was great. My daughter learned all the skills very well and her teacher was great.

Fatima (mom of a 6 yo)

My daughter’s teacher was very passionate about teaching the students, and made a math class fun each time!

Elina B (mom of a 7 yo)

PLEASE continue to offer these courses online. They're so much better quality than the classes we have available in Rhode Island/Massachusetts. We no longer live in NJ but we have come to rely on these classes.

Makila M. (mom of a 8 yo)


We love everything about AlphaMinds, from course offerings, to the teachers, to Anna <the director> herself. The customer service, quality of instruction and family atmosphere are all first rate.

Kevin H. (parents of a 9 yo)


We want to thank you and all the teachers we had during this school year! They’ve done a wonderful job teaching our kids online during this year. Classes were very engaging and fun! 

Special thank you to Ms Tatiana <Logic PreK & Math teacher>! The way she presented the material and her choice of homework were just incredible! 

Anna S. (mom of a 6 yo)


AlphaMinds is a wonderful resource for our family. We love the offerings and the teachers are excellent!

Nicole T. (parent of a 8 yo)


Teachers were engaging and made the learning fun, which is hard to do in a virtual environment. Thank you!!

Patty F. (parent of a 8 yo)


The program is great! My daughter learned so much.

Temi K. (parent of a 5 yo)


Great program for Math and Science and Computer Science. Both of my children have highly enjoyed and benefited from their classes.

Shyama P. (Parent of a 13 yo and a 8 yo)


Mrs. Arielle is an outstanding teacher, and her methods are highly efficient in getting kids to read in an accelerated time frame. Mrs. Tatiana is a very competent, kind and nurturing teacher, and <my daughter> loved her class.


Very happy. Both of my boys were engaged and learned a great deal.

Normina N. (parent of a 2nd and 5th garder)


Continued excellent teaching despite the challenges. Very well done - the instructor had a great <chess> curriculum that worked well in an online format.

Nik E. (parent of a 6 yo)


My daughter has been taking Singapore math since Kindergarten. She’s so strong in math and all thanks to Alphaminds. Alphaminds Academy is so well-managed and teachers really work with their students to strengthen their math skills. Thank you!

Soomin H. (parents of a 6th grader and a 3rd grader)


Well structured, good amount of homework and material, brilliant teacher! We love Ms Tatiana (Logic PreK & Math teacher)! She is a wonderful teacher! The way she presents the material and chooses homework <that is> never boring!

Anna S. (mom of a 5 yo)


Amazing! The teachers are fantastic and the program is so ahead of what my son would be learning in school. Developing kids' critical thinking is so important to anything they do in their life.

Irina K (mom of a 7 yo)


The teachers are always very supportive and make sure our kid is comfortable at every lesson. Russian is a challenge for our kid but we can see the progress. We surely want to continue!

Anna S. (mom of a 6 yo)


We had terrific instructors this year and the kids learned a lot. Very satisfied.

Brooke G. (parent of a 7 yo and 4 yo)


<Our son> is very happy with his Math and Russian language classes, thank you!

Alyona O. (parent of a 9 yo)


Excellent course content; engaging, knowledgeable, fun and patient teachers; and overall great platform to supplement school program and to help a child learn and grow

Marina Donskaya (mom of a 4 yo)


The teacher is amazing and knows how to control the class.

Smitha R. (mom of a 5 yo)


My daughter’s chess class has been great! She really loved coach Mina! Thank you for a wonderful semester.

Michaela K. (parent of a 5 yo)


Wonderful teacher, she keeps kids engaged and involved every lesson, very creative homework

Natalia M. (mom of a 6 yo)


My son has learned so much and is way ahead of what he is doing in school. The teachers are amazing and the program is fantastic.

Irina K. (mom of a 7 yo)


Excellent! I love how the Russian classes have different ways of learning all in one class. Kids learn to read, write, speak, follow directions, answer questions, do interactive activities, listen to stories and songs, and have motor breaks. Very happy! .

Ruzanna A (mom of a 7 yo)


Superb management, great teachers

Dmitriy K. (parent of a 8 yo)


Excellent program. Engaging teachers and organized classes.

Desiree S. (parent of a 6 yo)


Thank you for putting together wonderful classes for our kiddos, every week we are looking forward to them! And huge thank you to all the teachers!! We appreciate their patience and efforts to conduct zoom classes and keep our kids focused and engaged! 

Alexandra S.(mother of 5 year old)


I just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know I had a couple parents came in today and told me how much they enjoyed the chess tournament!! What a great opportunity for the children. 

Leatrice Westdal,

Auxiliary Programs Coordinator, Stevens Cooperative School


Overall, I think the program is vital for young minds. Programs like these provide the necessary tools kids need both short term and long term to be successful in their personal and professional life. 

Ashworth C. (mother of 4 year old)

AlphaMinds is a God sent.  Its teachers are nurturing and try their best to help children become the best they can be.  It's the best choice I've made for my son in his academics.

Math: His Math class is amazing, my son has learned and progressed so uch because of his teacher's hard work and kind loving nature.  He loves math and it's now his favorite subject. Than you, Ms. Beth!

Chess: I am so happy I made the choice to have my son study chess at this school.  His teachers are great and they teach him to focus and think ahead. My son is calmer and makes great choices as he applies it to life.

Programming/Scratch: This is a great class.  My son has progressed with his use of the computers and is begining to understand what hard work is.   He has to work harder at this class because his teacher challenges him to be his best.

Kim L.. (mother of 2nd grader)

We are very satisfied with (Logic PreK II) class.  Our daughter has consistently improved in Math and we see great interest to go back every week. We are grateful for this program and our ability to develop our child here.  Will continue on for sure!

Tatiana D. (mother of 5 yo)

AlphaMinds Academy consistently presents a well run collection of quality enrrichment instruction for a wide variety of children, and my family is pleased to participate.  Our son continues to enjoy chess and to expand his skills through this class.  The teacher's approach reaches him in a unique way that sinks in deeply"

Olga S. and Brian D. (parents of 6 yo)

My daughter enjoyed learning to use Scratch.  She talks about what she learns and is very proud of the projects she's created.  She's been very engaged and has had a lot of fun learning to code.  Carlin gives it a thumbs up!

Judi F. (mother of 1st grader)

Our son is very happy with his class (Math) and with his teacher.  He loves coming here, doing the homework and learning new things every week.  Thank you!

Patrycja Z. (mother of 2nd grader)

The homework portal is great.  The facilities are conducive to concentration.  Saff is very friendly and accomodating.  Ms. Beth (Math teacher) is a warm and encouraging teacher.  My daughter has truly enjoyed her classes.

Rebecca M. (mother of 5th grader)

This is a great program!  Gives your kid a foundation, knowledge and confidence to excel at Math

Ligia A. (mother of 4th grader)

This program is a God sent.  Very warm, very inclusive and very friendly.  Makes a difference for every student who sticks with AlphaMinds.  Ms. Lauren (Essay Writing teacher) makes the writing fun and easy, and she managed to open up even the most resistant kids (like mine) to joy of writing. 

Jack K. (father of 4th grader)

Truly, this is one of a kind program in Jersey City

Vinay K. (father of 4th grader)

AlphaMinds is a wonderful enrichment program with prepared teachers and administrators.  They utilize the best methods to aide your child in their learning process. The language and teaching method has been engaging and easy for my child to understand.  I am impressed with the concepts that my son has learned that are above his grade level.  The course methodology goes at an appropriate pace for my son to truly establish a foundation for understanding numbers.  The administrators are very communicative and friendly. The course schedule is always at the times that are manageable.

Christy J. (mother of 3 yo and 6 yo)

Great (Math) teacher. Hard to find better.

Nenad D. (father of 3rd grader)

I highly recommend this Singapore Math program.  It allows for condensed weekly instruction in a small class setting. Worboks are engaging and based on a skill level.  The class keeps my son engaged and allows opportunity for review and additional practice of critical concepts.  It does teach the "Singapore way" which is a more effective way to arrive at a solution.  I like the flexibility of the class in that the teacher will encourage you to move forward at a faster pace if desired.  The course is not too stringent that it turns the student off from Math.  The communication between teacher, parent and director is very good.  Everyone is open and approachable... My son looks forward to each class.

Heather E. (mother of  1st grader)


Great teachers, high quality instructions, nice facilities, effective management

Katya S. (mom of  3rd grader)


Excellent facilities, very nice staff, very well organized.  My daughter attended Engineering is Elementary class this semester.  The topics and the instructor have kept her very interested in this class. 

Laura Z. (mom of 5th grader)

Great program that gives my daughter a good foundation in necessary skills for a productive education.

Nadia Jensen (mom of a 4 year old)

My child is learning a lot and the communication between parents and teacher is very good.

Hitin A. (father of K student)


Very friendly, relaxed family-like environment.  Our daughter really likes her chess teacher and has shown interest in learning more of the game.  We highly recommend this program to anyone who whose child is interested in chess.

Parents of 6 y.o. students


I am really happy with the program overall.  My child learned a lot during 1.5 years he has been enrolled in the program.  He really likes it so far and we will continue with it as long as possible.

Natassa S. (mother of 2nd gr.)


Our children attend Math classes and they like the teacher and the content.  The program is well managed, new facility worked out quite well.  Overall, quite happy.

Emre O. (father of 2nd graders)


The program has helped my child very much. He is much more confident in his writing skills and his math skills have also improved.

Sonia S. (mother of 5th gr.)


Our son enjoys the chess class at Alpha Minds Academy, and is learning the game well.  The instructor has a special talent for engaging his students' problem solving skills to develop their logical reasoning capabilities.

Olga S. (mother of 5 y.o.)


My son is ADHD and needs small classes to learn.  This enrichment program really helps him to improve his academic achievement

Cynthia F. (mother of 4th and 1st gr.)



Мой ребёнок с нетерпением ждёт субботы, чтобы пойти в "Русскую Школу".  Отличные преподаватели, требовательные и заботливые.

Мария Т. (мама 7-летнего ученика)

Excellent program that’s very well managed - glad we have the opportunity to have our kids learn Russian. Miss Svetlana who teaches Russian PreK classes is incredible! Looking forward to the next semester!

We love the opportunity to be able to learn with experienced teachers in a flexible environment. <My daughter's teacher> is great she is patient and understanding and my daughter has learned a lot

Irina K (mom of  4yo)

School management is terrific. Very professional. Russian for Emerging Readers classes are vigorous but the results are evident.  We love that the teachers assign homework. Ms. Oksana ( Russian for Pre-Schoolers teacher) is very animated which is important for kids 3-4 years old. The curriculum is carried and includes lots of vocabulary and logic exercises.

Natalya G. (mom of 3 yo and 6 yo)

Thrilled!!! Challenging and rewarding Russian language curriculum - the right combination of both. Very engaging for students. Vital experience for gaining study habits, time management and discipline.

Irian P.  (mother of 3 yo and 6 yo)

Our children have attended Russian and Chess classes at AlphaMinds Academy for 3 years.  We notice a lot of improvement in their knowledge with each semester.  We continued to attend AlphaMinds Academy on Saturdays even after we moved out of Jersey City/Hoboken area!

Tina R. (mother of 7 yo and 9 yo)

Teachers are very kind, patient and caring. We are very happy with our children's results.  Ms. Natasha (Russian teacher) is a true professional and an amazing teacher.  In Math, our son is becoming proficient ahead of his regular school.  We are very satisfied.

Asiat P. (mother of 3 yo and 6 yo)

We have been enrolling since 2012 and overall, very satisfied with the results!

Anton N. (father of 7 yo and 9 yo)

Great way for busy parents to keep and advance their kids' Russian!

Maria B. (mother of 7  yo and 5 yo)

The progress in my son's Russian is amazing. We do not always have time to practice at home but he still makes great progress.  All information is clearly communicated but at the same time parents are not getting overwhelmed with emails.  This program is well organized, teachers are very involved and professional.

Yana D. (mother of 6 yo)

For the age groups 1-3 years old, the (Mommy & Me Music) class is designed very well. Our teacher Svetlana is very attentive.  She is great with kids and they love her.

Angelina K. (mother of 1.5 yo)

We are happy to be a part of (AlphaMinds') educational community.  Managers and teaching staff are well prepared, friendly, enthusiastic and helpful.  And location is very convenient to get to from all parts of Jersey City.

Saltanat A. (mother of 6 yo)

The (Mommy & Me Music) class is a great way to engage a toddler .  My daughter enjoys it and sings the songs at home.

Yelena R. (mother of  2 yo)


Great program to maintain and develop language skills of kids on various levels.  Nurturing teachers that challenge them and motivate them to learn more.  My kids speaking and vocabulary improved significantly since they started the program.  Brilliant (Russian language) teacher!  Both girls' knowledge and skills progressed thanks to Ms. Natasha.

Nadya M. (mom of 1st graders)

Ms. Katya (Russian) is an amazing teacher!  Great curriculum and fun, challenging learning environment for the kids.

Diana P. (mother of 10 y.o.)


A great Russian language immersion program.  Very interactive and developing. Our daughter's teacher is wonderful, creative and patient!

Elina B. (mother of 1 y.o.)

I am happy that this year, my son has attanded AlphaMinds Academy.  We found many friends here. But the most important - my kid's attitude.  When I ask him in the morning: "Will we go to AlphaMinds?" he always replies "Of course!".  My son is always waiting for Saturdays and goes to his class (Russian Sing Along & Drama) with high motivation.

Julia I. (mother of 6 yo)

I see a lot of progress over the course of the last year.  The class (Russian I) is engaging, based on deep hands on experience and understanding of kids' psychology.

Dmitri K. (father of 1st grader)

Very strong Russian program, with the "old" rigor and "modern" approach to teaching

Yana D. (mother of 5 yo and 3 yo)

(The program) is efficiently managed, on time announcements, great selection of teachers. (Russian II class) is a good combination of organized, strict and playful/engaging.

Irina P. (mother of K students)


Great Program!  My son loves to come here!  He greatly improved his Russian in 1 semester.  Teacher is very engaged and kids love her.  Pleasant atmosphere and very friendly stuff.

Katia M. (mother of 2nd grader)


Both our boys enjoy the class with Ms. Yulya (Russian Mommy and Me and Russian PreK) very much. Ms. Yulya is a very experienced and talented teacher, and she is able to engage children of different ages in her class activities.

Ekaterina S. (mother of 3 and 1 y.o.)


New facilities are great, lots of room and great atmosphere

Natalie L. (mother of  2y.o.)


Mommy and Me Music class is an excellent class for both parents and kids where we get to play and learn together in a fun, energetic atmosphere

Daniil S. (father of  2 y.o.)

I am a big fan.  My son's Russian is more fluid and he is learning in a way that interests him.  The program is well designed for his age and he loves going to class.

Nonna M. (mother of 4 y.o.)


AlphaMinds Academy offers an excellent variety of classes and the entire program is managed very well.

Veronica B. (mother of 4 y.o.)


The program is run very well, and the new facility is very good for parents and children.  We love spending our Saturday mornings at AlphaMinds Academy!

Stanislav A. (father of 3 y.o.)


I am very happy with this school.  Teachers are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Marina R. (mother of 2nd gr.)


The Art teacher in our Mommy and Me Art class is extremely positive, friendly, thoughtful and patient instructor.  Director does a good job keeping us appraised of all the developments.

Andrew (father of 1 y.o.)


This program is great!  I am very happy that we live close and can easily attend.

Pauline F. (mother of 5 y.o.)


Very good classes!  My son’s Russian has improved greatly, as well as his social skills

Asiat P. (mother of 3 y.o.)


This is a very interesting program for kids.  Great teachers, our kids love them. The Math classes offer a very well structured curriculum.

Igor S. (father of  3y.o. and 6 y.o.)


My son has been attending Russian PreK Enrichment class in Hoboken for about a year now. Ms Tanya is a wonderful teacher with a warm and approachable manner. I like the range of topics covered in class. My son often surprises me with words he learned there. I hope to enroll my younger daughter soon as well. It's wonderful to have access to this class right in our backyard. I hope it will continue being an option in the future and maybe even get extended for older kids? 

Anya C. (mother of 4y.o.)


We really like AlphaMinds Academy. Anna, the director, is super organized and attentive to every student/parent. She listens to parents' requests and offers a well planned curriculum matched with great teachers. The new space at the Boys and Girls club is very nice. It's brand new, with large sunlit classrooms.  

Our daughter is currently enrolled in Russian I (Emerging Readers) with Ms Natasha. This class has been wonderful. As Ms Natasha promised in the beginning of the class, our 4.5 year old daughter is reading and writing by the end of the session. Ms Natasha has a great teaching method and the right approach with all the kids in her class. It's obvious that teaching is her passion and that she loves kids. It's a bonus that parents are welcome in the class, which helps us study with our child using the same method and terminology during the week, solidifying the lesson and preparing our child for the next class. 

We look forward to continue learning with AlphaMinds Academy!

Nadia V. (mother of 4 y.o.)

Positively engaging, enthusiastic teachers who put a smile in every class.

Daniil S. (father of 5 yo)


This school with its Russian lessons is what I really need for my kids. Thank you!

Ekaterina K. (mother of 2.5 yo, 4 yo and 8 yo)


My kids love their classes at AlphaMinds Academy

Kira E. (mother of 6 yo and 8 yo)


AlphaMinds Academy has provided a solid foundation for my daughter to learn Russian.

Keisha A. (mother of 5 yo)


После нескольких лет перерыва в изучении русского языка моя дочь захотела вернуться в группу, соответствующую ее уровню и возрастной группе. Было трудно найти. Мы попробовали несколько учителей и программ, и ни одна из них не работала, пока мы не начали работать с Alpha Minds и Татьяной Петровой.  Татьяна нашла правильный подход и уровень строгости для моей дочери. Она занималась с ней хе только грамматикой и чтением, но также темами искусства, поэзии и истории. Благодаря этим занятиям интерес моей дочери к русскому языку и культуре вырос настолько, что теперь мы снова можем говорить дома по-русски. И это большой подвиг!

Юлия З. (mother of 15 yo)

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