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CHESS (All Grades)

Our chess classes at AlphaMinds Academy offer children of all ages and levels a welcoming and friendly environment where children can learn to play chess, continue practicing and improving their skills and meet other children who are passionate about the game.  Our program is designed to take children from beginner to tournament level and guide them through the competitive process of becoming a USCF rated chess player.
To learn more about our Chess Program and to view the description for each level, please click here.


CODING (Gr. 2-5)

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READING (Gr. 1-3)

Our Reading program is designed to help guide students in grades 1-3 to improve their reading fluency, comprehension and writing skills. Our classes are taught by experienced elementary school teachers who are reading specialists.  Our reading classes are taught in a very interactive and engaging way, by integrating various media, games and songs, as well as other activities designed to keep young students' focus and interest.  Our lessons include easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and charts for visual learners! Each lesson consists of a variety of fun, colorful and engaging activities that promote language development and critical thinking skills.

To view the description for each grade level, please click here


Delving into the imaginations of young minds, this course offers an outlet to productively express creativity that is applicable to the high educational standards that our students are striving to meet

Tasked with thought-provoking writing prompts and fun, supportive exercises, students will learn how to effectively use literary devices, proper grammar, and advanced vocabulary in various forms of English language composition.

With additional focus on reading comprehension, the overall curriculum prepares students for standardized tests, including the ISEE Lower Level, PARCC, and ESPA, as well as private school applications and interviews. 

All lessons are designed to be both challenging and graspable for each student. In a fun, rewarding, and encouraging environment, students learn how to communicate through writing, while letting their imaginations run wild.

To learn more about our Essay Writing Program and to view the description for each level, please click here.

Essay Writing
Math and Logic (Gr. 1-3)

Our Early Elementary School Mathematics program focuses on creating a foundation for mathematical understanding so that students not only learn fundamentals but also build confidence in their abilities. Students will work through activities that strengthen their aptitude for problem solving, logic, and reasoning. One of the key strengths of our program is teaching children as young as Kindergarten the skills required to solve word problemts.  Students will also partake in creative games that will spark their imagination and put a smile on their face as they learn the basic mathematical concepts.

Our math classes are tailored to the specific needs and abilities of the students enrolled, and are guaranteed to enhance what they are learning in school. We promote a healthy level of motivation and fun to allow each student to blossom into his or her full potential.

The Math portion of our program is utilizing the Singapore Math curriculum, which is aligned with the new Common Core standards. 
To view the description for each grade level, please click here

Mathematics (Gr. 4-5)

In our Upper Elementary School Mathematics program, students work on developing a systematic understanding of Arithmetic. Using the Singapore system of math education, classes strengthen fundamentals by building off the specific lessons students are learning in their classrooms. Our math program also includes sections designed to help students prepare for the fast-paced, multiple-choice problem solving they will need to excel on standardized tests, as well as a non-routine approach and creative thinking that is required to solve challenging word problems commonly found on tests such as ISEE and in the Math Olympiads. By strengthening their grasp of Arithmetic and learning the interconnectedness of fundamental math concepts, students will gain the tools to improve their grades and test scores in the classroom. 

To view the description for each grade level, please click here


Our efforts to include Science and Engineering subjects in our after-school program are based upon evidence that young people need to experience these subjects beyond the school day. Recent research indicates that interest in science before 8th grade is a better predictor of future academic and career decisions than math achievement test scores. Exploring topics such as  Astronomy, Air and Weather, Energy, Electricity and Magnetism, Solids and Liquids, Light and Sound, to name a few, will not only support students when it comes time to learn physics, chemistry and biology, but

it will also spark their lifelong exploration of science, technology, engineering and math.


Each lesson consists of research-based, teacher-tested activities that develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our hands-on, cooperative, project-based engineering activities that integrate with science instruction not only engage children and teach them how to investigate the way scientists work, but also aligns with the National Science Education Standards.  Each lesson teaches children how to think and behave like scientists.  Children learn how to form hypotheses, test their ideas, document their experiments, observe the results and make conclusions. 

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